Moots Announces the New Rout YBB Micro-Suspension All Road Feb 27, 2019

With clearance for a 45mm tire, three bottle cages, ultra-precise titanium construction, and a geometry tuned for all day dirt rides, the Moots Rout couldn’t get any better. Then, it did. Moots just announced the introduction of the YBB micro-suspension for their new Rout YBB all-road bike. Head over to Moots for more details.

14 responses to “Moots Announces the New Rout YBB Micro-Suspension All Road”

  1. YaanG says:

    A couple of questions Mr. Moots: (1) Is there a lockout? (2) Is there no pivot and the chainstay just bends 20 mm?

    • Peter Hedman says:

      1. No 2. Correct – the chainstay only has to flex ~2.5° to max out the YBB unit.

      I have a Mountaineer YBB and really enjoy how it takes just that little extra edge off…

    • Jon Cariveau says:

      There is no lock out. We use to have a collar that could lock it out, but went largely unsed by most users. No pivot is correct, we use the flex of the chain stays to achieve the travel and a spring/elastomer set up to absorb it in the mono stay. Simple, no compressed air/oil, very little maintenance.

  2. Evan Krakovitz says:

    Im curious: with large tires providing cushion, why would
    the frame need suspension of any kind? I mean it looks cool but…

    • Winston Rankin says:

      If tire size alone provided sufficient cushion for all road impact, there would be no need for frame suspension at all, but the fact is that bikes with much bigger tires than that still benefit from frame suspension because it’s a different sort of impact that’s being absorbed

    • Warwick says:

      Tires do provide cushioning but its essentially undamped cushioning.You can’t really influence its characteristics as much as you can with a suspension system using springs/air and oil. Although the YBB is somewhat undamped as well its still going to absorb and rebound from a bump differently to the way a tire will.

  3. Vegilasagna says:

    Meh, gonna hold off until they build something with hyper-precise construction. Ultra is just so 2018.

  4. MarkP says:

    Very cool. How does YBB compare to a suspension seatpost like a Thudbuster or Redshift?

    • Jon Cariveau says:

      The YBB doesn’t change your saddle height or reach/drop. Suspend the bike not the rider.

      • Terry Dean says:

        plus frame suspension will still do it’s job if you’re out of the saddle

  5. Bruce Lafone says:

    Beautiful, this is my dream bike 🚲

  6. m f says:

    Like a Brompton…noice!