Industry Nine’s New Hydra Hubs Have More Engagement and Less Noise Feb 12, 2019

As you might have guessed by our banner ad this month, Industry Nine‘s had something up their sleeve for a little while now, re-designing their hubs into a new system called Hydra. These new hubs have 690 points of engagement, .52º between engagement, use independently-phased six pawl, 115 tooth drivering. This allows the Hydra system to hold engagement without damaging the hub or its internals, and best of all for most users I’ve conversed with, results in a beautifully subdued ring of the freewheel, rather than a swarm of angry hornets. I was able to put in a few miles on these new hubs, coming off of the older system on one of my hardtails and was able to tell the difference immediately. Check out a few more bits below.

Watch this video to see behind the scenes of Hydra.

Don’t fret, these hubs won’t be more money, they’re just replacing the Torch models on road and mountain, and there’s even a more budget-friendly 101 series hub set with 90 points of engagement.

Can you even tell with more engagement? For me, yes. Especially when compared to the Torch system. When you take off from standing still, or ratchet back through a rock garden, or at the top of a drop-in, the hubs are there to catch, allowing the wheels to roll without hesitation.

Don’t fret, you probably can’t even tell the difference on the outside either! i9 still offers their brightly colored anodizing in the Hydra system too!

Overall, this isn’t really a review, more like a heads up to get your hands, or cassette on one of these new hubs and give it a spin. Kudos to i9 for evolving their brand, their product, and their modus operandi without squeezing your wallet like a juicer. Wheelsets start at $975 with hubsets at $650. Why wouldn’t you give the wheelsets a try at that price?

Head to Industry Nine to read all about their new Hydra System’s 690 points of engagement and the new 101 lineup!


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  • in related news, chris king got this new matte pink thats like….a little pinker than the previous matte pink.

    • David Vandenberg

      It’s all pink in the middle.

    • where’s the BOURBON CK?

  • benreed

    I like the swarm of angry hornets noise. When I come up on someone on the trail, I can just stop pedaling and usually get their attention.

  • tylernol

    I am in the need of a new singlespeed subset. This is tempting, but I am probably going to stick by my don’t-buy-in-the-first-year rule.

  • Happy

    For those curious how they can have 690 points of engagement they have 115 tooth ratchet with 6 pawls, but the pawls are spaced so that they don’t catch at the same time, but rather one catches and then via flex of the hub one or two more pawls will catch providing solid engagement. I think Onyx Racing’s engagement sounds more bombproof, but that comes with about a 200g penalty, but who knows how these new hubs will actually hold up.

    • One big thing I’ve noticed with the sprag clutch on the Onyx system vs the i9 is there is a bit of spongy feeling when you torque them up, even though they always engage, its not quite the same solid feeling of the pawl in an I9 or ring drive in a king.

    • I’ve wanted to build up some Onyx hubs for a long time! I love all these great MUSA options.