Explore Trinidad-Las Animas County’s Dirt Roads Feb 21, 2019

“The Explore Las Animas campaign will be curated around the Native American, Spanish/Mexican, and Anglo influences that make the Canyons & Plains region a distinct Colorado bicycle destination. Lightly traveled roads connect riders to a sublime landscape dotted with old mines, ghost towns, diverse wildlife, and public access to the San Isabel National Forest, Comanche National Grasslands, and Trinidad Lake State Park. Also, signature quality events emerging, like the SW Chief Bicycle+Comedy Fest, Pony Xpress 160, and Branson Hi Lo Gravel Country can help draw cycling tourists. All of these experiences will show why southeastern Colorado is a great place for a two to three day bicycle vacation”

Head over to SNEWS to check out what Backshop Bikes has been working on in Trinidad, Colorado at Explore Las Animas.

5 responses to “Explore Trinidad-Las Animas County’s Dirt Roads”

  1. Seb Haeusler says:

    That poster is sweet, are they doing a run of them?

  2. J. Lynch says:

    yeah would love to get a poster of this.

  3. proftimeline says:

    The concept has a planned theme. More images to come. We’ll definitely be offering something soon. Appreciate feedback!