California Golde World Premiere Feb 28, 2019

California Golde is a movie. One about riding bikes in California and all the hardships that come with big, hard, ambitious tours. March 9th is the California Golde world premiere at LAND in Austin, TX, 501 Pedernales st 2e Austin, TX 78702, at 7pm, with a showing at 8pm, a concert by John Wesley Coleman III set at 8.30-9ish (ten songs), and another late showing at 9:30pm. Along with the film, a book will be for sale, with refreshments by Madre Mezcal, BANDIT, fun times by OLD PAL, and best of all, it’s FREE!

5 responses to “California Golde World Premiere”

  1. Nick Ybarra says:

    The date of the premier is March 9, if memory serves.

  2. Tinj says:

    Official Select E-Recumbent Digest?! What an honor. Are there plans to distribute this more widely?

  3. kamaz says:

    who will make a camrip ?

  4. alex says:

    Available online?