We Had a Great Time in Santa Fe Jan 2, 2019

This holiday season, we set our sights on the Land of Enchantment and the beautiful town of Santa Fe. Cari, my partner, and her family have roots in New Mexico, with a sort of tradition of spending time over the holidays in Santa Fe with family friends. This year, I really looked forward to the high desert, Christmas Chili, piñon wood, and luminarias. I’ve wanted to check out the riding in the area, since I’ve only driven through en route to other cycling destinations and although a few massive winter storms hit during our stay, I managed to get out on a pedal with my friend Bailey early one morning.

We mostly spent our time visiting museums, shops, eating at local digs, and I was able to swing through to say hey to the Mellow Velo team. All in all, it left me anxious to return once the snow melts at the higher elevations…

Check out a few more below!

  • Daniel Powell

    Yeah Bailey!

  • Chris Valente

    Mellow Velo is such a fantastic name for a shop. Hope it gets it’s own post.

  • mark rothschild

    Took my 150lb. Turkish Anatolian out to Pee…Lifted his Leg on a Bush,when a Rushing Water Sound went off. from said Bush “Turkish Baptism”….Rattlesnake!!! – 2015 Santa Fe

  • These are all great photos!

  • Sam Scavo

    Mellow Velo is a great shop, always super helpful. The owner has probably the coolest Viscous Cycles 29er with the bamboo paint job and v-brake. I think they also had a second Viscous in the basement.

    • I loved that one but the two in the basement are super cool!