The Mission Workshop RHAKE Gets the VX Ultralight Treatment Jan 17, 2019

Mission Workshop are wizards of bag manufacturing. Their packs have some of the most well thought-out detailing in the industry and with all the hidden buckles, pockets, and straps, come added weight – especially considering you could already be carrying camera gear or a laptop! To alleviate that, the brand often puts out VX material bags that shed some of the weight. The newest bag to get the VX treatment is the RHAKE. A unique bag that pairs exceptionally well with their camera insert. As with all their bags, these are made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. Head to Mission Workshop for more information.

  • Forrest Guy

    Interested in the bag but couldn’t really find what the added benefit of the VK Rhake vs. the normal Rhake. It is just lighter?

    • Yeah, VX is much lighter. Not sure the actual weight difference but when you pick up a VX and Cordura bag, the VX feels much lighter.

      • Forrest Guy

        Thank you! The mission website does a poor job of explaining what the new material benefit is if you didn’t already know what it is, and why you should spend more money on the new version.

        I JUST met a guy with the old Rhake and he mentioned that it is a bit on the heavy side.