Caletti Ultra Light Rando Roadie – Chris Corona

Caletti Ultra Light Rando Roadie
Photos and words by Chris Corona

Lately, I have been doing longer mixed distances with a camera, sandwich and a couple of extra layers of clothing. I have a couple bikes that are great for cross riding but nothing that really fits the bill for 80-120 mile (mostly road with some dirt) rides that I’ve grown accustomed to. In late July, I approached John Caletti with a concept to create a bike that is on the ultralight touring side of road bikes.

We both agreed this bike needed to capture the performance needs of a mixed, long distance ride and look somewhat classic. I decided to pull the inspiration for color from lichen, sea foam, manzanita, madrone and of course the national park service.

The bike fits 34C tires comfortably and is outfitted with a full Shimano Ultegra DI2 kit. The brakes are Velo Orange Grand Cru. Stem, bars, seat post, and crank are Easton Cycling. The fork is Whiskey Parts Co. The hubs and headset are Chris King. And it wouldn’t be a full custom bike without handmade wheels by Harry at the Spokesman. Kyle over at Outer Shell was kind enough to do a matching one-off set of bags to highlight the dark maroon hints in the paint job. The paint is by Oliver at Dark Matter Finishing. John even surprised me with a paint-matched slingshot for some trailside shenanigans.

I’m not here to review a bike or anything like that. I will say, however, it fits perfectly and the attention to detail from Caletti was top notch. John was a pleasure to work with ensuring he met every detail request and performance need of mine. One big positive was John’s timeline accuracy. He delivered the bike 1 week ahead of schedule. Now that Christmas Sando rando is gonna happen in comfort. Come see the bike in person at NAHBS 2019.


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  • Trenton South

    This photo series is so fresh! Way to go chris!! Love the shot of the ‘gull that matches the bikes logo.

    • -=Corona=-

      Thanks dood! Got lucky on that one.

  • AnzaBags

    DirtDrops + Caletti + Outer Shell= Fire

    • -=Corona=-


  • This is a beautiful Bike Chris – love your photos as well. Nothing beats a long day in the saddle with a camera!

    • -=Corona=-

      I’m really happy with it, yesterday we put it to the test.

  • Sean Coffey

    LOOOVE my Caletti road bike. John is one of the most skilled and detailed builders in the game today, not to mention an excellent bike rider.

  • dc

    Just going to H/T to the guy who has been doing custom bike frame slingshots for a long time

  • Pelex

    Curious on how the Omata is mounted mid-stem?

  • Been ogling that bike on IG too long now. Great photos!

    Looks like there’s a typo….”one offset” should be “one-off set” methinks.

    • thanks!

      • Got ya covered!

        Also, maybe I’m a moron but why does the headline say “Richard Corona” but the byline is “Chris Corona”?

        • He goes by Chris but his name is Richard.

          • -=Corona=-

            Thanks John! Long story made short! Ha

        • -=Corona=-

          My typo! Friends call me “Chris” 🤙

  • Daniel Smith

    Great looking bike, and I’m sold on the color pallet.

    It’s nice to see some Easton love, too. I’ve always liked their cockpit components, and really want to try out the EC90 sl crankset.

  • Jared Jerome

    Caletti bikes always make me happy.

    • -=Corona=-


  • JimmyMcNulty

    Early candidate for best of 2019.

    • -=Corona=-

      Hell yeah!

  • Very stoked to be a part of this. Thanks Chris! Photos are top notch as always!!

    • -=Corona=-

      Thank you Kyle! Your bar bag is next level. Thanks for making mine special.

  • YaanG

    The rim brake isn’t dead yet! They are going to come back, like vinyl.

    • -=Corona=-



    B-e-a-utiful bike. Color combo is really nice. Love the backdrop!

    • -=Corona=-

      Thanks! Santa Cruz is a special place. Visit us!

  • Nice bike, Chris. Good to see the Lone Wolf (Philly!) detail there as well. I was gonna email you but might as well put it here — what’s your camera set-up for rides these days? Heading to Scotland later this year and giving some thought to what to carry.

    • -=Corona=-

      Biggggs! I’m still riding and shooting with the same RX100 V last we rode. For this shoot I used my A7iir. Such an awesome camera. I also still use my a6000 on occasion. Both larger cameras I often find myself using prime lenses. TBH, a6000 with a couple lenses would be the perfect travel cam. Probably would run you $600 or so.

      • Thanks Chris. I have a pancake 24mm on my Canon 7d that makes it acceptably light and portable. I just ordered an Outershell bag and will do some test runs before Scotland. Reading on the a6000 looks good too. Thanks for the info.

  • Stefan LSC

    great photos from the bike, I would love to go on a trip with the bike right away.

    • -=Corona=-

      We did an all day Monterey and back ride this past week. I had the bike set up without bags and it rode like a dream. 115 miles of true comfort. I’m looking forward to speedy overnight trips this summer.

  • O.Carltop

    Gorgeous build. Thanks for sharing it. Now I have another builder on my wish list!

    • -=Corona=-

      John Caletti is an awesome human! Have that man build you a dream.

  • ChiZ

    Why the spacer tower on a full custom frame?

    • Hans Driscol

      why is everyone so hard for slammed stems? your body and fit can change throughout the year and having the option for adjustment seems like the smart move to me.

      • Jonathan.

        Yep. I’ve got spacers on my custom bike, gives me a bit of adjustment for when I’ve been off the bike for a bit and have lost flexibility/core strength.

      • InvoluntarySoul

        it is easy to go low, -10 or -17 stem, but once the steerer tube is cut, you cannot go high, well you can but will have to buy another fork

    • The amount of spacers he’s using is more than acceptable.

      • InvoluntarySoul

        acceptable for a stock frame, i thought the point of going custom is to get the perfect fit?

    • John Caletti

      Good question. With the rider’s preferred bar height set, you would need a longer head tube if you used less spacers – and then you’d have a different look to the bike, with a more angled top tube and a big head tube, or if you don’t angle the top tube more you’d need to make the seat tube taller…. I try to balance the various sections to create a balanced look. Really long head tubes aren’t attractive in my opinion. I do have some clients who are quite flexible and like a lot of drop to the handlebars, so they can use less spacers. Being a custom bike I work with the client to get something beautiful and functional – influenced by their personal taste : which might mean more head tube with less spacers or less head tube with more spacers.

      • -=Corona=-

        And here I thought someone would finally ask… “why the TURQUOISE spacer?”

        • why NOT turquoise spacers. That one is easy.

  • Chris Valente

    Not the first time we have seen those VO brakes on plump tired road bikes on this site if memory serves me correctly. Beauty of a bike!

    • Yep! They’re one of the few good options out there.

    • I have had more than a few good rides on mine, and they are beautiful and work great. Very happy to have them.

    • -=Corona=-

      Thank you! They hook up nicely!

  • Mike Spadafora

    Great photography as always. I love your shots, do you use a short telephoto with a big aperture?

    • -=Corona=-

      I use a few diff cameras. This was shot @ 70mm f4. Thanks for the complement! We out there just having fun.

  • Peter Chesworth

    Marvellous. Elephant NFE colour too.