Brooks Teases All Weather Carbon Saddles Jan 21, 2019

I’ve got a mole over at Brooks in the EU and they just sent me teaser images of their new all-weather carbon Cambium saddles. These new saddles address the glaring issue with the standard all-weather Cambiums, the weight! With the all-weather design and the carbon body, the saddles will be substantially lighter. Available in white or black with more information to follow…

  • spencer harding

    Crossing my fingers for a carbon C19!

    • Me too! #widebutt

      • #sirradalot

      • Raymond Walker

        Yeah, I’m not seeing an all weather carbon wider than 145… bummer!
        I’ve been digging the C13 Carved 158 SUPER MUCHO BUENO!
        (think a width right in between a C17 & C19…)

  • George T Rosselle

    I’m hoping for a C17 carved. I can dream can’t I?

    • Nickolas Paul Sherer

      C13 carved 158mm is what it’s called! Go to your Brooks dealer and snag one!

  • AndyC26

    Need that brooks brown carbon

  • Colin White

    Still no saddlebag loops.

    • Raymond Walker

      wat, u no like the flimsy singular one? ;-)

      • Colin White

        The regular Cambium has loops in the aluminum back plate. I’d just be happy if Brooks made a titanium saddle rail version or someone bend some Ti for me.

    • Jason Smith

      Looks like they are only missing on the C13.

  • Rob X

    the white one is deffo going on my Mr. Pink along with some white bar tape and cables

  • ChiZ

    Super comfy but they eat away bibshorts

  • jtbadge