1980 Pearl Pass Tour MTB Excursion by Kevin Montgomery Jan 21, 2019

Photos by Kevin Montgomery

Bike Jerks has an amazing gallery up from the 1980 Pearl Pass Tour in ColoRADo, shot by Kevin Montgomery. I don’t want to give away too much of the goodness, so you’ll have to head to Bike Jerks for the full gallery! All I will say is what’s old is new again. Check out a few teasers below.

  • M.R.


  • Peter Hedman

    Full circle… I think I saw @ultraromance in one of those shots?

    • The nude sunbathing? haha

      • Peter Hedman

        You got it…

  • No helmets!

  • Joe Umbrell

    If you look in the second photo where the pack is riding through town, there is a guy who looks like Tom Ritchey himself..

  • A-A-Ron

    I would watch that movie….

  • adventureroadbiker

    “what’s old is new again.” That’s an understatement!! Awesome gallery!!

  • Timeless stuff, just look at Mr. Romance and his gang. That image of the girl riding downhill though: 60psi 4 life!

  • rocketman

    those were the days. Klunkers rule.

  • These are so great!

  • Davey Struthers

    that baby is lucky!

  • CJones

    Great photos. These make me want to pop in the Klunkerz dvd again. It is a must-watch if you have not seen it yet!