2019 Grinduro: Moth Attack Fillet Brazed MTB

This year at Grinduro, eight frame builders presented bikes in partnership with Maxxis, Sram/Zipp, Columbus, and Hope Tech. The theme? What is your ideal Grinduro bike? This morning we looked at a fillet Steve Rex and this afternoon, we’ve got a spicy Moth Attack fillet brazed hardtail.

All I’ve gotta say is it’s about damn time! Megan from Moth Attack has been building wild bikes for years and I’m always blown away that she isn’t invited to more builder showcases. When I saw her name on the list at this year’s Grinduro, I was wondering what she’d bring. Boy, was I surprised!

This hardtail is Megan’s personal bike. It was painted by Black Magic Paint in Portland and built with a nice mix of Hope Tech parts, with a matching purple anodizing throughout. It’s not every day that we get to feature a Moth Attack but when we do, they’re always good. Great job on this one, Megan and good seeing you again! xo