Why Cycles’ New R+ V3 All Road Dec 5, 2018

Use it for bikepacking, as an all-road bike, or a flat bar hybrid. The newly designed R+ all road by Why Cycles brings the performance and ride quality of titanium at a pricepoint starting at $4,849 for a SRAM Rival complete build. The R+ will fit a 700×46 or 27.5×2.1” tire and as you can see, has multiple bosses for bags, bottles, and cargo cages. See more at Why Cycles.

  • PabloP

    Are banana hammocks going to become a thing?

    • I like to think of them as BASS. Banana automated suspension systems.

      • Gavin Saffian

        careful, Bianchi might get not like that usage of B.A.S.S.

  • campirecord

    I like this frame but the ENVE fork is not rack compatible and the top tube has no top anchoring point, so for all the packing its not very modular imo

    • Yeah, but bikepacking bags don’t require racks. It’s not a tourer or light tourer.

      • campirecord

        I want to have a universal tourer that I can also take single track. I already have a road bike and I dont cross and as much as I like N+ 1 (there are 7 bikes in my house), I want to reduce, reduce reduce my life…LOL. THe bearclaw is more attractive in that sense but the cable management and frame design is quite nice here.

    • Bil Thorne

      With the dick break caliper there it’s not super rear rack compatible either.

      Not a deal breaker if I want to enjoy the simple life of bikepacking with bags on a bike that could cover my mortgage for almost half a year.

  • John Solomito

    I’m curious, the drive side chainstay and head tube looks really familiar, is this a badge engineered Lynskey frame?

  • Jordan Dixon

    i just want the bunanana holster