The Radavist’s 2018 Photographic Year in Review

We’ve had a busy year at the Radavist and it wasn’t until I combed through each month individually that I could finally realize all the hard work everyone put in over here for the past twelve months. While much of the site is focused on gear in the form of products and bike portraits, my favorite pieces are always photojournals from rides, tours, and trips. There’s something wonderful about peering through the lens of a cyclist and hitching a ride along with them while they pedal along their route.

Compiled in this gallery is a photographic sample from 12 months of content, in somewhat chronological order. It’s trippy to flip through the gallery and see all the unique perspectives. In many cases, a photo is worth a thousand words!

There’s also a list below of the top posts from the site this year, running the gamut from riding in the desert to the WTF Bikexplorers Summit, exploring Crete, mixing snakes and divas in Puerto Rico and much more. They’re in chronological order, so if you haven’t read these articles, you really should!

Riding through history in Death Valley National Park

A group of 11 riders take to the hottest and driest desert in the world to find a rich history and roads prime for cycling.

I’d Do Reno: An Unsolicited Photo Essay About This Year’s Cyclocross Nationals in Reno, Nevada

Author Laura Winberry subverts the status quo of cycling journalism with a beautifully-penned homage to the city of Reno, Nevada and the US ‘cross nats.

Baja, BB

Dinah Gumns and Spencer Harding delivered the one-two on a story about touring in Baja from the perspective of two badass ladies.

In the Mountains of Los Angeles with Jeff Kendall Weed

Bicycle acrobat Jeff Kendall Weed takes his new Ibis Ripmo to the City of Angels to find out that it really doesn’t suck for cycling.

A Weekend in Stillwater at the Land Run 100

Mud? What mud? The Land Run 100 has its driest year yet!

Riding Ridges at Sunset in Fruita

Fruita is geologically diverse and home to some of the most exceptional mountain biking in the American West. Oh yeah, and people really love fanny packs.

Divas and Snakes Don’t Mix

Angelica Casaverde doesn’t like snakes but she’s coming around to bicycle touring.

Golden Pliers in Portland

Does Portland really need another bicycle shop? Golden Pliers says yes and we agree!

DFL the Divide: A Friend Tour with Bikes

Bikes and friends should go together… and tour across the high country of Colorado!

Practice Makes Perfection at the Downieville Classic

Is Downieville the greatest MTB race weekend in the United States?

Shredding the Patriarchy: a Recap of the WTF Bikexplorers Summit

Shredding the patriarchy is only part of the agenda for this bad-ass group of WTF cyclists.

Two Years In: Packing for a Long Term Bike Tour

Ryan Wilson has been touring for over two years in South America on his bike. You could say he learned a thing or two!

I Never Knew I Had a Sweet Tooth Until I Visited Sugar Wheel Works

Kyle Kelley satisfies his sweet tooth in the wheel building studio of Sugar Wheel Works.

Late Summer Bliss on the Ramble Ride

Riding from Steamboat Springs to Fort Collins ain’t easy, but dangit is it ever pretty!

Rounding Out the Sierra Buttes Triple Crown with Grinduro

Grinduro changed the modus operandi for gravel races, all while proving that the cycling industry can party!

The Gods and the Goats: a Free Form Journey into Crete

Tenzin Namdol takes us on a lyrical journey through Crete with her partner in shine, Ultra Romance.


In 2019, we’ve got a new website layout coming down the pipe, more contributors, more stories, more bikes, more reviews, and more of the things that keep you coming back! What was your favorite story on the site this year? What would you like to see more of?

19 responses to “The Radavist’s 2018 Photographic Year in Review”

  1. Chris DiStefano says:

    Thank you, John

  2. George T Rosselle says:

    Wow, what a year. Thanks for all these amazing photos, this is what I turn the computer on for every day. So many dreams……..

  3. Kyle Kelley says:

    It was a damn fine year for bikes!

  4. says:

    Amazing post John, thank you for compiling this! It’s incredible to see how your site covers every facet of cycling. It really doesn’t matter if you like mountain bikes, road bikes or just hanging out on bikes, The Radavist has something to offer everyone.

  5. Franky Hollywood says:

    Really great selection! The bikes, the people and the scenery. Perfect mix.

  6. Eric Cornell says:

    the stoke has rolled hard here. thanks for the inspiration.

  7. barry mcwilliams says:

    Thanks man, this is a stellar set.

    Sorry I missed you on this trip back to the States. Holler if you‘re coming to Eurobike or Dirty Riever! Or just want to chill in Berlin.

  8. Area45 says:

    So good John.

  9. leaveitontheroad says:

    Damn, what a recap!! Thanks for everything you do and happy new year!!!

  10. Amy Jurries says:

    Always the source of so much inspiration. Thanks John!

  11. YaanG says:

    Thanks for putting together this beautiful compilation. In a world of phone cameras and overamped Instagram filters, it’s nice to be reminded of what can be done with brilliant natural light, a long lens, compositional skill, and pressing the shutter release at the defining moment. Well done.

  12. Forrest Guy says:

    Would love to know the lightroom settings for these photos. I love them so much!

  13. jakeszy says:

    What an incredible collection! Thanks for putting this together :)