The Cub House Bike Show and Swap: Sleek and Minimal Makino Fixed Gear

I thought these three bikes, the Carnevale, the Cinelli, and now this Makino all brought something interesting to the table at the Cub House’s Bike Show and Swap. While the previous two bikes are examples of the 60’s and 80’s, this Makino reminds me of the mid-2000’s so much. The time when track bikes were the biggest thing in cycling since mountain bikes. ATMO, anyway. I never owned an NJS bike. Mostly because it was always hard to find one in my size. Not too many Keirin racers ride 58cm or 60cm frames. Yet I always loved the work that left Makino’s shop. With their sparkly, iridescent paint, beautiful lug work and tucked and mean stances, the Makino track frames always looked like they were in the process of pouncing. While purists will scoff at the flat bars and sparkle grips, riding drops for the sake of drops never made much sense to me. Especially when riding brakeless.

Richie, the owner of the bike has pieced together quite the build. It’s classy without being hung up on that coveted NJS stamp and for me, it was a joy to photograph.


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  • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey

    Proper Prolly

  • Lewis Dobson

    Super nice bike, looks spot on without needing all NJS parts

  • Andrew Arevalo

    Needs double straps

  • Meshkat

    I love this bike. Especially that “race only” sticker on the rims.

  • JimmyMcNulty

    Agree 100% about the flat bars. I never have drops on my track bike unless I’m going to the track. That being said, I also never use road pedals on it unless I’m going to the track either. I never felt safe mashing a big gear on city streets with no way to quickly egress out of the pedals in an emergency. Not to mention how silly ya look trying and failing to clip in through multiple revolutions of the cranks with road pedals/shoes. Gorgeous bike regardless.

    • Terry Dean

      i never had trouble clipping in or unclipping from my looks on my track bike, but i did break a lot of look cleats during quick stops, resulting in a few bails.

  • Superpilot

    Fork clearance is droool

  • Eric Hancock

    Really nice. The crossed front wheel looks proper.

    This must be fun to ride.

    • Wyatt Cave

      Totally. The high-flange Suntour looks like it makes a stiff 28 hole wheel.

  • The rear wheel is not aligned properly but other than that its a smooth ace bike! Needs a Dura Ace crank though as Dura Ace headset but thats just me.

  • A perfect example of a perfect Track Bike!