The Cub House Bike Show and Swap: Plante Cycles All Road

Plante Cycles is a small framebuilding operation in Rancho Cucamonga. Stephen Plante builds each frame in his home garage, at the base of the San Gabriel mountains, where he tests out the designs for each model. At the Cub House’s Bike Show and Swap this year, Stephen brought two bikes, one of which I’ve been meaning to shoot photos of.

This all-road is painted in a Coors Banquet Can yellow and features a homemade waxed canvas frame bag. The build is simple, the colors are subtle, and yet this bike is a real eye-catcher. I hope to one day visit Stephen at his home shop and do a story on his work, but for now, check out this bike and the Iron Maiden bike Kyle shot a few years back to hold you over!


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  • Pelex

    Unwearying steed…saddled up…nutritionally fortified…easy on the eyes…ready to rock!

  • Zac

    That bicycle right there is pretty close to perfect in my eyes. I’d swap in bar end shifters and call it a day.

  • Chris

    Fantastic frame, I love that it’s built with modest but functioning parts. I’m trying to find details on that fork? It’s hard to find a 1 1/8 steerer disk fork. I know it’s Whiskey but can’t find it on thier site.

    • Peter Hedman

      Whisky No. 7 CX fork – QBP part number FK7905. I have one, its great. Fits a Gravelking SK 700x43c beautifully.

      • Chris

        Thanks. I’ll look into it.

  • AnzaBags

    Love that bar tape. Whole bike is fire

  • chrismoustache

    I’d call it ‘tan can’ yellow, myself. Looks great either way!

  • Lam

    I absolutely love mine. Super excited to see where Stephen goes on from here.

  • Lam
  • Ul Rich

    amazing bike!
    where do you get this bar tape?

  • Sattelfest

    is this a dent on the chain stay?

    • Chris

      Most likely dimpled for the road crank to clear the chain stay.

      • Stephen Plante

        it is very thin. I suggest to wrap it over some standard cork tape. But they have so many rad options!!

  • kasual

    Just a great bike with a nice build. That bag is great — the wax looks good with the yellow and the attachment is super clean.

    • I like how the bag has a handle at the bottom for portaging. Such a well thought out detail.

  • Christopher Kirschmann

    What is going on with the Downtube near the HT???

  • AaronBenjamin

    My boi @stephenplante:disqus coming up!!!

  • Nicholas Emery

    So Rad!

  • Oliv Tost

    nice!! what is this bar tape please?
    love the tiagra groupset on this build, not eye-catching , simple and efficient

    • Serfas

      • Oliv Tost

        thanks john! lets find it in france now ;)

  • Meshkat

    Love this bike. Well done Plante Cycles in Rancho Cucamonga!