Golden Saddle Rides: Mike’s All-City Kiwi Green Mr. Pink with Campagnolo Chorus

When All-City first developed the Mr. Pink, they wanted to deliver a classic steel road bike, made from Columbus ZONA tubing, with a Shimano kit for under $2,000. In fact, that number came in at $1,799. Last month, All-City lowered the MSRP on Mr. Pink completes to $1,499, with the framesets being reduced from $999 to $850, sparking me to finally shoot Mike’s “Kiwi Green” Mr. Pink with Campagnolo Chorus. This is not an advertisement, I just wanted to share the news and get you into your local shop to check one out.

When it comes to production steel road bikes, the Mr. Pink is one of the finer specimens. The model’s latest color grabbed Mike from Golden Saddle‘s attention, as it matched some components had had laying around including some green Chris King bits, as well as some PAUL skewers and a Turquoise King headset. The boys at the shop like to ride bikes that they sell, so when potential customers ask them questions, they can reply with honest answers.

The thing I really like about this build, in particular, is the vintage sensibilities with modern technology. Sealed headset, sealed hubs, modern road gearing, and steel with plenty of life left. Mike rides this bike to work and on the local road rides. Coming from a Moots, it took a bit to get used to, but the steel fork is more forgiving on the rough roads around these parts.

If you’re in the market for a new road bike, check out the Mr. Pink, now with a lower MSRP.


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.

  • rjrabe

    Nicest Mr. Pink I’ve seen yet. And fine bottle choice.

    • This super handsome cyclist designed them!

  • With all those top of the line expensive components just laying around, as you do.

    • Yeah he pulled them off his old Moots he sold. Worked out perfectly.

      • shafty

        Why not just stick a steel fork on the Moots? It’s a bummer to switch to a frame from a band that doesn’t really “make” anything. Sure it’s got a nice coat of paint, but it’s simply time tested geo and tubing sizes. It looks cool, I’m just a bit disappointed that All-City gets so much cred without doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

        • I’m not sure of Mike’s reasoning. I know he and his girlfriend just had a kid, so maybe he wanted to make some extra cash and try something new. Sure, All-City doesn’t hand make their frames in Minneapolis, but not everyone wants to spend upwards of $2,000 on a frame. Mike got the Moots when he worked at his old shop and maybe he just wanted to ride a bike more in line with his current shop’s inventory. At any rate, people say they want more road bikes documented here, and not all crazy high end custom stuff like NAHBS bikes, so I shot it in part because it looks amazing and also because All-City dropped the pricing, which will hopefully get more people into their Local Bike Shop to check them out.

          • O.Carltop

            I side with Mike. To me, the answer to Shafty is the ethos of brands like All-City. Nothing new here, you’re right, just the time-tested stuff at fair prices. No gimmicks, no carbon frames (forks yes), just good old steel. QBC gets credit for all their brands. My Macho Man disc (in the killer Orange), and my old 2001 Surly Cross-Check (pea green) that I still ride regularly, are pure timeless joys to ride. No carbon off-the-shelf bike will ever satisfy me like these frames do. With three kids, I’m on a strict budget, so a frame like a Moots is just fantasizing. Thanks for representing reasonable dreams here.

          • I do like all the road bikes being covered here lately!

          • Eric

            “people say they want more road bikes documented here, and not all crazy high end custom stuff like NAHBS bikes…”

            We do! And, thank you! Beautiful bike.

        • YaanG

          “doesn’t really “make” anything”
          So what? Apple doesn’t do their own assembly, or the chip fabrication on their processors. Boeing gets 737 fuselages from Spirit Aerosystems. That’s modern manufacturing.

        • You’d be surprised how much heavy lifting All-City does. They’ve designed every fork crown and drop out that they have ever used. They now draw their own tubes, and I’m not even going to talk about their testing standards. They also came out with a high end steel road bike that fits 32c tires before that was even a thing, that also happened before disc brakes on road bikes were a thing. They’ve done a lot of heavy lifting in the bike industry for how young they are, and this includes a campaign showcasing how diverse cyclist are and how everyone should be represented. To be quite frank, All-City is killing it! I support their ethos and hope they keep pushing the envelope on making the bicycle industry a better place for everyone.

  • Superpilot

    Is that a 28mm in there?

  • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey

    super stoked to see the steel fork again.

  • Kyle

    The taper on that fork is eye catching, probably helps the ride quality as well.

  • Brent Kyono

    those are some thicc tires

  • Tom Greek

    So much to like about this. Mike, we’re going to talk about that saddle though!

    • He loves it. Saddles are such a personal thing.

  • singlespeedscott

    Nice to see a steel fork matched to a steel frame

  • David Kessler

    “Coming from a Moots, it took a bit to get used to…” For us pleebs who’ve never had the privilege of riding a Moots, a bit more elaboration would be helpful :)

    • Titanium just feels differently. Plus a moots has a carbon fork, which is stiffer.