Compass Becomes René Herse Cycles Dec 10, 2018

When two brands embody the same ideologies, sometimes it just makes sense to combine forces. Over the past decade, Compass has worked extensively with René Herse Cycles and now the two brands will combine to become René Herse Cycles. You can read all about it at the Bicycle Quarterly Blog.

5 responses to “Compass Becomes René Herse Cycles”

  1. séamuis says:

    Cool. I look forward to some Herse branded tyres.

  2. Bil Thorne says:

    Maybe the extra labeling will stop their tires from blowing off of rims.

  3. Brian Richard Walbergh says:

    Yeah it doesn’t really make much sense to me. Their tires are by far the most marketable thing they make, why try to limit their appeal by giving them a snooty sounding French name all but the biggest bike dweebs will not recognize? I hope it works out for them, their tires have their place and they import some other great stuff.

  4. Nate-o says:

    Why tank a great brand name for a more obscure one? Seems like a dumb move.

  5. Tim Donahoe says:

    I could care less about the branding as long as the tires stay quality. Call it Donald Trump’s Taint and I’ll still ride ’em