Apidura Releases Ultralight Racing Bikepacking Bags Dec 3, 2018

For ultra-distance competition and audax racers, they seek the most ultralight gear for their races. Apidura has recently developed their own ultralight, waterproof laminate for a line of bags dedicated for such races and have designed three new bags in their new Racing line. Included in the lineup is a 5L Racing Saddle Pack at 200g, a 5L Racing Handlebar Pack at 265g, and a 2.4L Racing Frame Pack at 145g. See the full lineup at Apidura.

  • Sam Ley

    I’m not sure how much more ultra-light they need to be – my current Apidura bags are damn light. I’d be interested to see if they hold up, mine have done pretty well, but there are several places where any lighter and they would have ripped off my bike already.

  • Benny Watson

    The feedbag sized pockets built into the sides of the handlebar bag is a nice feature.

  • Paul Paul

    I’m not sold on these bags especially with the hefty price tag. BUT I really like this handlebar bag and would like to see it with their thicker, more durable expedition-style bags. The attachment onto the aero bars is what I looked so long for especially for longer distances.