All-City’s Go Devil Hubs Are Ultra Light Dec 7, 2018

Hubs are rarely cheap and light. In the cycling industry, if you want lightweight, you usually pay a premium. That’s where All-City saw an opportunity in the hub market. They made a set of lightweight hubs at a low cost. Available in disc or rim brake, in black or silver, and 28h or 32h drillings. Ok so how light are these hubs? The front rim brake hub ($70) weighs 60g, with the rear ($120) coming in at 227g. The front disc is 164g ($100) with the rear disc hub ($175) is 277g. These are 11-speed compatible, with XD drivers available and aluminum freehubs. See more information at All-City.

  • Dr J

    Is that a typo? – “with the rear ($120) coming in at 164g”? All-City states that the rear rim brake hub weighs 227g, not 164g (that would be insanely light). Also, what are freehubs made out of? Alu, Ti or steel?

  • shafty

    Which Novatec hubs are these? The rotor mount looks very much like theirs.

    • Sebastian Schwägele

      You can definitely get them cheaper directly from Novatec. Which is OK as these are not made in the US or EU anyway….

    • Are they Novatec? I was under the impression AC designed these. Maybe they’re made in the same factory, but I don’t think they’re rebranded hubs. Maybe I’ll eat my words, but I thought like their Sheriff Fixed / SS hubs that these were designed in house.

      • Alex Steinker

        either way IMO Novatec makes a quality hubset. Nothing to be worried about in terms of reliability from my experience.

        • Jeffrey Frane

          They are Novatec hubs, we take their off the shelf hub shells and spec the internals according to our wishes and their available choices. We went high end on the internals with Japanese made stainless-steel sealed bearings (as on our proprietary track hubs), 28 points of engagement on the cassette and 56 on the XD Driver, and an alloy cassette body. We also have chosen to sell them with all of the end caps to make it easier for the end consumer.

          Bringing these to market allowed us to make available some hubs that we love and feel are excellent price to weight, as well as filling a hole we felt was lacking in the QBP offering. We also offer all of the replacement parts and pieces, which until now weren’t easily accessible in the U.S. market.

          • mark rothschild

            32h….for the the Future???

          • Jeffrey Frane

            We are starting with a small selection, if they do okay, I’m sure we’ll add more to the offering.

          • mark rothschild

            Thanks for the Speedy..Heads Up

    • omar

      they’re D791SB/D792SB’s

  • mark rothschild

    Novatec???…like the Grand Bois, Compass was trying to pass off???

    • Jose Weinstein

      I do not believe Compass has ever tried to “pass off” anything. They are among the highest-integrity bicycle-related business I have had the pleasure to conduct business with.

      • mark rothschild

        Just saying they Quit selling them,after many folks noticed the maker

  • Peperbek

    I have a pair of Syncros branded hubs from some years ago that look exactly the same as these, save for the logo. Same cassette body design too. Nevertheless, nice and easily servicable hubs for this price

  • planning_nerd

    rebadged taiwanese…nothing wrong with that, but the price is high for what they are.

    I have had excellent luck with generic hubs from…comparable hubset is $100 less

  • Will

    Cheap, light, durable… pick two. Or something like that…