RuthWorks SF’s Ultralight Bags Nov 8, 2018

RuthWorks is based in SF and the brand offers two product lines, classic and modern, with an ultralight and storm series line in the modern catalog. While the classic bags offer a timeless aesthetic with modern construction techniques for touring and randonneuring bikes, the rack-less functionality of these two ultralight bags look even more appealing. The Brevet bar bag and the Wedge saddle pack will fit on any drop bar or flat bar bike and offer just a bit more room for cramming fall riding apparel into.

If you like these designs, there is a pre-order for the new Storm Series editions featuring Xpac VX25 fabrics as well. Save over $20 per model! See all the full catalog at RuthWorks SF!

  • Francis Nep

    I love the roll-top Wedge bag. Holds a ton, and then you can strap your vest or jacket under the roll-top, if your jersey pockets are full or if you’re wearing a shirt without pockets. I don’t know why all saddlebags aren’t designed this way. Eli is the best!

  • SeaSpider

    I have two of their handlebar bags. The first was a hair too short to hold my Lezyne pump and the lid was a bit too small to hold my phone. I emailed them about this and they were like “No problem, we can change that” and so I ordered by second and it’s been my all time favorite bag. I thought the cords would interfere with riding in the drops but that’s never been the case. The bag has also been very stable, even on washboard. I also love that it doesn’t require a rack or any additional hardware. Can’t say enough good things about this bag!