Rivendell: A. Homer Hilsen Frames are in Stock Nov 15, 2018

While the rest of the industry calls them gravel bikes, Rivendell likes to call their bridge between road and mountain bikes, “country bikes.” That’s the realm where the A. Homer Hilsen resides. They can fit a 44mm tire, although the chaps at Rivendell usually ride a 40mm tire with theirs, and can be used for anything from a sub-24-hour overnighter, to a brevet, or just dirt road riding. They’re $1,500 for a frameset and in stock now. Check out more details at Rivendell.

  • Brooks Ward

    Don’t forget to buy 2 chains to go with your 2 top tubes

  • James Rollins

    they should call it the crotch kicker

  • JMG_DC

    Look Ma! A bike as long as a tandem, but with just one saddle!
    Seriously, what a Frankenbike!

    • Ever ridden one? They truly ride nice. Looks are never really part of these sorts of Rivendell models. I personally like the way it looks. Everything tends to look the same these days.

      • mitchell Connell