Philly Bike Expo 2018: Pratt Frameworks Red Hook Crit Track Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2018 Philly Bike Expo: Pratt Track Bike
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Sometime after Red Hook Crit this year, Jocelyn Tipton had her race bike stolen, luckily for 2019, they found a new ride, this Pratt.  Joining Dani Moreshead and Sam Fox this year for a new all-women team Pratt/Phil Wood will be competing at Red Hook Crit Brooklyn and Milan, Mission Crit, Redbull Last Stand, and a few others in preparation for 2020 fixed gear nationals.

The build features some nice touches from Phil Wood, including their hubs, headset, and seat collar as well as tires from Challenge and rims from Princeton Carbonworks.  The paint was a mix of spray-bike and the graphics were designed by Still Life.  One thing for sure this bike will turn your head at breakneck speed during the races, so take a moment and check the gallery above and good luck to the new team!


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  • Jonathan

    69. nice.

  • YaanG

    Is that orange peel (see pic 3) normal for

    • AllKnownBikes

      That’s usually just an indication of the clear coat being a little under sprayed, or not enough finish sanding being conducted. I don’t think the orange peel texture is derived from the Spray.Bike paint.

      *I have no experience with Spray.Bike.

    • I’ve only used once but in my experience it was pretty good, a little less than what’s pictured. But that could definitely be due to the process as much as it could the product.

    • I’ve used a number of times here in Colorado and ultimately found it to be unworkable in our very arid environment. With warmer temps and ultra low humidity the paint would dry between the nozzle and the frame and stack up almost like sand. If you closed the distance it would go on heavy and unpredictably. I think humidity and temperature are really critical to getting a good finish. Other paints work better here but the nice thing about if it works in your environment is the lower relative toxicity of the paint and it is formulated for less dripping when spraying bikes. I’m not sure if this is orange peel on this frame but getting a nice glass finish probably always involves some buffing / sanding independent of paint brand or type(?)

  • Simon Weiss

    I love this bike, but that chainring is straight dope!

  • mr. apodaca APODACA

    pink bell is the shit

    • galavoxx

      Does it still resonate?

  • mania4conquest

    Beautiful bike. Are people still riding on 23’s though?