Philly Bike Expo 2018: Crust Nor’Easter with MicroSHIFT 12-Speed Eagle

Philly Bike Expo 2018: Crust Nor’Easter with MicroSHIFT 12-Speed Eagle
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

A cross between evasion and romancer, the Crust Bikes Nor’Easter is a low-trail bike, with a slightly shorter rear end than the Romeo. It’s a 1-1/8″, 1x specific bike, with internal routing. The Nor’Easter comes in 4 sizes, with the two largest rolling on either 27.5+ or 29, and 26+ or 27.5 on smaller two sizes. This beautiful color pictured is not the final color unless you all express just how much you love it.

The beauty of this specific build is that it utilizes the new MicroSHIFT, all-new 12-speed “Eagle” barcon. That and those Swift Industries bags!


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  • somebody_aight

    It’d super cool with some big semi slicks (spesh slaughter 2.8)

  • Peter Chesworth

    Matt makes the bikes he likes – and this is just as good as it gets. Hope the leg’s screwed back together.

  • Bryan Banducci

    dam where tf can i get those COOL bottles tho?

  • We’re having some issues getting the Microshift 12 Speed Shifter to work with Jimmy’s Eagle. It’s working OK friction, but not working at all on index. Any suggestions from anyone who’s set these up. Looks like you were riding one of these Jarrod, did it have the same setup, how was it shifting? I could’ve also been seeing things.

    • I did also have issues with indexing, I wasn’t able to get it exactly perfect but thought maybe the hanger was bent in transport. I didn’t check the alignment though as the adjustment was on the fly.

      • I’ll be interested in hearing what other people say about this.

        • I’m curious too

        • My experience setting up microshift shifters. The indexing is always a little fuzzy, like there’s always play at each stop. So I tune the shifting to one end of the play. I favour it towards the downshift, so dropping to smaller cogs is snappy and right on the stop. Then shifting back up the cassette, it’ll overshift slightly and you’ve gotta press the lever back down to the end of it’s play range before it’ll sit on the required gear. I don’t know if that will solve your problem, or if it even makes sense. And I’ve not yet got to play with the 12 speed version.

          • Gus from microSHIFT

            Hey there, from the sound of it, you’ve got the tension screw tightened a bit too much. That stops the shifter from snapping back into the neutral position after it overshifts. Like you’re saying, that will make the shifter work well in one direction, but not the other. If that’s the problem you’re having, this video should help explain how to fix it:

          • Thanks Gus.
            Didn’t get time to try it out today, but this looks like it’ll solve the trouble I’ve had with your shifters before.

          • Have to try this! Had issues on a 11speed setup, hope this is the solution.

      • tilleya

        I have non stop issues with my eagle setup. Kind of looking forward to friction for that reason. Indexing is where my probs are as well. Seems to be in the 42-50 mostly. Gets worse after bottom pulley gets dirty.

        • Are you using the micro shift shifter?
          I’ve had real good luck with Eagle, but it does need to be setup perfectly. Seemingly I’ve seen more that weren’t setup right from the get go than actual issues with the system.

          • tilleya

            You’re right. I’m out of context. I have it setup perfectly. Triple checked. Rode last night without many problems… until the bottom pulley got muddy… but I understand that’s pretty common at this point. Excited to try the microshift once they are commonly available.

    • Also it was set up with an inline barrel instead of one of the Jagwires as the stop on the rear mech 4mm housing.

    • Meshkat

      That’s bad news. I was very hopeful the new Eagle bar-end would finally allow Eagle set ups on touring bikes.

      • The final product hasn’t been launched yet, everything in the wild is pre-production, so I wouldn’t fret.

    • tilleya

      Where are you sourcing the shifter from? Asking as a dealer.

    • Gus from microSHIFT

      Sorry I’m late to all this – I haven’t been keeping up on my internet! I’m the brand manager for microSHIFT, so I am uniquely qualified to address these questions.

      Kyle, I did get an email from Jimmy saying that he was having trouble getting these set up. The biggest problem most folks have is setting the tension bolt on the side of the shifter properly – we’ve got a youtube video specifically going over setup here:

      I sent that video over, and that’s the last I heard. I’ve tested these pretty extensively and haven’t had any problems. The only issue I’ve had is that Eagle has a very narrow adjustment range in general, so the B knuckle and cable tension adjustment both need to be pretty spot on. It definitely took me a minute to get everything humming.

      That being said, if there’s a problem with the shifter (or any microSHIFT shifter, cassette, or derailleur) just let me know. Also, we’ve got a dedicated service email for anyone having an issue with anything:

      service at microshift dot com

      The Eagle shifters won’t be publicly available until January, so we have time to make changes if these aren’t working right. We’ve got tens of thousands of bar end and thumb shifters out in the market and we’re very confident that they work extremely well but we always want to be especially careful when we release a new model. Any feedback is appreciated!

      • Rad GUS! I was so stoked to see these come out. Can’t wait to give them a shot.

      • Perfect! Looking forward to trying this!


    The hand-painted lettering looks perfect!!

  • Masterchief

    Nice bike, but why would you put a front rack on it, and then hang the bag off the bars? Seems a bit backwards to me.

    • Winston

      That’s so you have somewhere to mount the light, and somewhere to bolt the fender forward of the crown.

      • Jesse Reade

        Of which they did neither.

        • happycatbasket

          But it’s not as though this bike is always going to have two fabio chests strapped to it. I’d imagine the rack gets used for other duties when it isn’t at the philly bike expo showing off Crust and Swift things.

    • The beauty of this bike is the versatilty, you can run the soft bags or strap on an Ozette, Docena or something similar if thats what you want. The rack does make for a nice integration with the light, and fender though.

    • Andy-bmore

      Most of these small racks are basically supposed to be similar to under-the-saddle bag supports, but for the front of the bike. They’re not really supposed to take most of the weight, just keep the bag off the tire and provide an additional point of contact for stabilization, while some hanging system (usually from the saddle in the case of similar-function rear racks, but in this case from the bars) provides the actual support for the weight.

      I personally think it’s kinda silly to have a rack that can’t really take any serious weight, but that’s the idea. Plus the mentioned potential to do different fender/light mounts.

      • happycatbasket

        I think OP’s point is that the bag is clearly not resting on the porteur rack.

        That observation is sorta’ missing the part where bikes are “living” tools whose loadouts change on the regular. I suspect there is a porteur bag or something else that gets mounted up there for less involved rides.

        • Andy-bmore

          And I’m saying you’re supposed to be hanging the bag off the bars regardless, with this setup. It’s resting on the rear bit of the rack, which would keep it from banging into the head tube and possibly from messing with cables.

          Perhaps worth noting: having been to the show and heard some of the bag folx talk, these bags were not full/actually loaded in these shots, so presumably they’d grow significantly in size/weight in real use (which might mean the front one having greater contact with the rack? Tough to say).

  • Gene

    Campy rotors are a neat little touch.

  • Chris Boscamp

    Heard these are coming out in January. I AM GRINDING SOME OT FOR THIS GUY

    • Even thoough I only spent two days riding this bike on and off, its pretty damn good, and had me pondering my life choices. I know for me there is defintiely a Crust in my future.

      • Chris Boscamp

        I hope the plus clearance isn’t as tight as the evasion. I need a little mud clearance. I want to take this on the baja divide. I want to take this everywhere. I want this bike.

  • Andrew Arevalo

    Not sure if I am missing something but no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to get my Fabio’s Chest tucked up under my saddle without hitting my tire even just slighty and I definetly have more seatpost than this bike.

    • Rory Baker
      • Andrew Arevalo

        I already came to the conclusion that I need a bag support, but then I see a bike that makes me think that I can do without it.

        • happycatbasket

          Fenders can be bag support too if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m guessing that the total difference between the seat height relative to the tire is the real culprit here, not just the amount of post showing. Of course, having mentioned that you need some form of support, you’ve prolly already figured that out.

          Just chiming in about fenders for support – not trying to be a dick.

          • Andrew Arevalo

            Appericate the feedback. Photos can be decieving and I feel like I have more distance than this Nor’Easter but I think I just have to give in and buy a saddle support.

          • “Ronnie” Romance

            would recommend the fender solution if you live in a place where that is applicable. it also matters how you pack the bag and how much you tighten the center cinch strap. an option I use when I overload mine is running a strap like the surly junk strap or full spectrum strap from the dowel of the bag to the brake bridge. keeps it off really well even in the rough stuff.

    • This is a 62cm frame, I’ve also got my Large Fabios Chest mounted on a 61cm All City Spacehorse without issue, without bag support.

  • AdamBike99

    Chubby perfection in all the right places! Loving the red but not sure about the head tube’s contrasting color…
    Would prefer to see some orange accents to tie in with the lovely Swift bags.

    • No worries, this isnt the final color.

    • Eric Gustafson

      Agreed. I, too am loving the red and questioning the pink-ish head tube. It’s all personal preferences, but I’d like to see the contrasting head tube using the blue and/or white of the other graphics.

  • Winston

    This looks very nice. I personally like the color.. .
    I like a touch of pink.

  • James Hsu

    What is the rack?