Kyle From Outer Shell and His Beausage Rivendell Blériot

Rim brakes, a classic geometry, fenders, and a triple. Yep. Sounds like a Rivendell. In the 2000’s, Rivendell Bicycle Works had a model called the Blériot. While it has fender and rack mounts, the Blériot was a light tourer, keeping the geometry relatively snappy and responsive with its 71° parallel geometry as compared to other Rivendell models. Over the years, RBW has put out plenty of 650b bikes, but when the Blériot came out, this new trend in drop bar bikes was a classic nod to French randonneuring bikes. The very word, Blériot, comes from the 1900’s French aviator and inventor, Auguste Louis Blériot.

Kyle from Outer Shell found this bike in San Francisco, where the previous owner had stored it under a tarp in his backyard. He bought the bike for a song and built it up with his spare parts and a few new components. In the rear, Kyle had his RatKing T rack powdercoated to match his Pass and Stow front rack. On the front rack is one of his own Rack Bags, with a custom chain-stitched patch by his friend Shane York.

Yeah, I can’t resist a well-loved Rivendell, especially when it’s owned by such a solid human being. Thanks for the ride, Kyle!


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  • Woa! Didn’t even recognize Kyle in the first pic, he’s all cleaned up! Beautiful bike.

  • Bluejaystr

    Woah, what a rad complement to his Mikklesen drop tourer you shared a while back. I wonder what other bikes he has…

    • I have six bikes at the moment, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out…

      • Bluejaystr

        Looking forward to it!

  • Near Northside

    Shame Rivendell doesn’t make this bike any longer. Not a big fan of all their super long chainstays on current models.

    • George T Rosselle

      If you rode one with the long chainstays you might have a different opinion.

    • Davin Dahl

      To each their own on geometry preferences, but I don’t think the long chainstays make the handling sluggish on all Rivendell bikes. On my 57 cm Roadini, I have to use every link of an 11 speed chain, but it darts and dives as well as any bike I’ve owned with shorter chainstays. Plus, on the straights, it’s a really plush ride.

  • John H.T. Strong

    Can’t say enough good things about the design of that rack bag. Like it so much I use it more or less as my every day bag even when not on the bike!

    • Me too! I’ve used this bag almost every day for the past four years… in one form or another. Its on the fourth major iteration so far but I doubt its going to change much any more.

  • Nick Erickson

    Just was in Riv like an hour ago. Well loved bikes are cool.

  • Jordan Muller


  • Richard

    So is an upside down Spurcycle the new upside down Chris King?

    • matt hew

      no way! upside down king cups don’t change anything (except your hipster status), while an upside down spurcycle is easier to ring if you like your thumb to move upward :) kyle’s got style but it seems born of practicality

      • FAT999

        So what happens when it rains? How do they sound when they’re full of water? ;-)

  • James

    Holy moly the Shramangolo three-way mash up drivetrain!

    • James

      Oh sorry, silly me, I thought the shifters were Ultegra but I just had the logo off the headset imprinted in my brain

  • Eric Cornell

    So worn. So beautiful.

  • mark rothschild

    Sugino T…Best buy in Cranks

  • Michael Baquerizo

    argh but there are so many more elegant / classic looking options than those sram hoods :(