Help Out Mitch from MAP Bicycles Nov 12, 2018

MAP Bicycles is located in Paradise, California, a place that was decimated by the Camp Fire recently. Mitch builds MAP out of his home and in all likelihood lost it in the fire. As he was evacuating, embers were landing on his roof and his trees were ablaze. A lot of people have lost their homes in California this year from fires and this is a chance to help out a framebuilder and a cyclist. Head to GoFundMe to help out.

If you’d like to help more people, you can do so at the California Wildfire Relief Fund.

  • mark rothschild

    My sister Lost her Home…1 Block from Adventist Hospital…her son Daniel lost his almost 1 year to the date in Santa Rosa fire, last year….

  • ol’grumpy

    If people would like to donate in general to survivors of these fires, you can donate to the California Wildfire Relief Fund:

  • California Travis

    Thanks John, that’s wussup.

  • bucktruck

    Perhaps the only thing that exceeds the quality of Mitch’s bicycles, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, is the quality of Mitch as a human being.

  • Mitch lost his home and shop…