Don’t Sleep on the Land Run 100 Registration! Nov 2, 2018

If you’re looking for a challenging ride, in a beautiful landscape, thrown by an Independently-owned bike shop, run by some of the nicest dang people ever, then don’t sleep on the Land Run 100 registration, which opens tomorrow at 8am CST! Head to Bike Reg to sign up! Don’t sleep, this event sells out fast! Available spots for each distance are:

100 mile – 1000
50 mile – 400
50k – 150

  • Sold out in 7minutes! Congrats to everyone at District Bicycles! Bring on the rain!!!

    • #RIPmud

    • Daniel Smith

      Woke up 15 minutes late! Still was able to sign up for the 50. Favorite event of the year!

  • I slept. DAMN.