2018 Philly Bike Expo: Hanford Cycles Randonneur- Jarrod Bunk

2018 Philly Bike Expo: Hanford Cycles Randonneur
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Hanford Cycles, based out of Philadelphia had this Randonneur bike tucked away in their booth, upon closer inspection I noticed it had a lot going on with it.  I hadn’t heard of Hanford Cycles prior to the show, but from what I gather, Simon of Hanford Cycles had worked for Bilenky for 14 years, before stepping out on their own to create Hanford Cycles.   With ornate hand carved lugs, hidden wiring to a very unique mount for the Compass Taillight, and some fresh paint by Chill Cycles it’s easy to see why even hidden in the final aisle of the Philly Bike Expo it still garnered a runner-up in the peoples choice award. Flip through the whole gallery, this bike is full of details


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  • Jared Jerome

    Dang, rando week on the Radavist. BEST WEEK EVAR.

  • Superpilot

    Can someone tell me the make and model of fenders please?

    • Superpilot

      Actually I should be really clear, I’ve not yet got my next bike, but I want any new bike to have a front fender that extends this far down towards the tarmac. I ‘think’ these look like Honjo’s, but if they are (or aren’t as the matter may be) – do they always extend so far down?

      If not, as some don’t appear to do so, how does one obtain them?

      Since I added a ridiculous flap to my current commuter, I have been very satisfied with the coverage and protection of drivetrain and feet.

      I mentioned to a friend I wanted to get Honjo’s or similar, to which they replied “No you don’t” due to the cost. I guess even if it ended up $200-$300 getting them to me, it would be protecting something worth many thousands anyway….

      • Froste
      • Brian Simon

        I believe most of the velo orange full coverage fenders will have the length you’re looking for. I can say first hand that this offering from Handsome certainly does – to the point that if I drop off a curb too slowly, they drag. I did mount them to the back side of the fork to maximize coverage:

        • Superpilot

          Woah, hadn’t seen them before, those are nice..

      • Tim Guarente

        When I folded my front fender a while back, my local shop gave me a rear fender, which I’ve trimmed down a couple times, but boy oh boy was that full coverage. I’m running Planet Bike Hardcore fenders. I use a star fangled nut to bolt the fender to the crown, so not having the tab to mount it wasn’t a big deal.

      • Peter Chesworth

        long fenders are terrific – flap is good for going down gutters.

  • Owen P

    That stem+front brake hanger is awesome

  • I’m into that tail light mount! They look so good tucked between the seat stays, but I can’t help but think it’s not the best position for visibility. Down near the axle has its own downsides, but at least it’s on the traffic side of the bike.

    • Peter Chesworth

      in some countries.

      • Hopefully in the country the bike was intended to be ridden in ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • Peter Chesworth

          good point – it means take a blinky with you when travelling to countries that drive on the left. Not a criticism of this brilliant bike.

    • Francesco

      TBH that looks like a terrible placement: decreases visibility and increases likelyhood of damage.

      • Cool. Where would you put it?

        • Francesco

          The classic position high on the mudguard seems optimal. Or somewhere along the seatpost/seattube if you will never use a saddlebag. Or on the rear of a rack if you have one.
          Basically higher up and central for better visibility and protection from impact / road spay.

  • Richard

    Dang that bike is drop dead gorgeous.

  • So many beautiful randonneur’s.

  • Jordan Muller

    Anyone know what kind of cable housing that is? Looks sweet!

    • AngryBikeWrench

      I’m not certain, but if it’s not Jagwire, Jagwire makes something that looks exactly like this. Works well too in my experience.