2018 Philly Bike Expo: Fat Chance Yo Eddy 2.2 – Jarrod Bunk

2018 Philly Bike Expo: Fat Chance Yo Eddy
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Chris Chance brought a newer Yo Eddy to Philly Bike Expo this year, the new Yo Eddy 2.2 had a triple butted stainless top tube and downtube, as well as some new dropouts, and a clever chainstay yoke. These Yo Eddy framesets are produced by Chris Chance and Steve Potts, and the rest of the Fat Chance line (Slim Chance, Chris Cross) are built by Commotion.  

With the frame and fork being produced in the USA, the next logical step was to ring White Industries for a Headset, Bottom bracket and Cranks with matching blue extractors, Which look great on this bike. It’s rolling on Praxis AL32 wheels, which are stopped by the revered Paul Component Klamper brakes.  Nostalgia aside the Yo Eddy 2.2 checks all of the current MTB boxes, with a finish to make you swoon.


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10 responses to “2018 Philly Bike Expo: Fat Chance Yo Eddy 2.2 – Jarrod Bunk”

  1. Jordan Muller says:


  2. Ross McMahon says:

    Those are Praxis AL32 wheels, not Reynolds Black Label.

  3. Terry Dean says:

    oh, hello dream bike

  4. terriblemcnaughton says:

    sweet god that is a beautiful hard-through

  5. John B. says:

    Fantastic paint!

  6. Aaron Best says:

    Had a dream two nights ago that I found an original Yo Eddy! at a thrift store for $25, you can imagine my disappointment when I woke up.

  7. Dave Pelletier says:

    Outstanding. Paint is spot on.

  8. Adam Leddin says:

    Can I have the hi-res shot of this for my wallpaper please? I just want to stare at it all day.

  9. George T Rosselle says:

    Fats look good in any color, but this is my favorite. If I ever repaint my old one I am going for this look.

  10. Jake Kruse says:

    I would most definitely ride that bike