2018 Philly Bike Expo: Bishop Bikes Samson Lugged Classic Road

2018 Philly Bike Expo: Bishop Samson Lugged Road
Photos by Jarrod Bunk, words by John Watson

For Chris Bishop, his end products are often about the assemblage of pieces that are artistic elements on their own. Take for instance this classic, 32mm tire, OS road bike. He utilized a NOS Samson lug kit, complete with fastback seat stays, and an aero fork crown lug. Then, he pinged Mitch from MAP Cycles for his dropouts, which paired nicely with the lug set. All these pieces were assembled in a painstaking way to form this beautifully-lined road bike, designed to roll on 32mm tires with the direct mount EE Cycleworks brakes. The icing on the cake was Bryan Myers from Fresh Frame’s paint detailing over PPG Pearl white Prismatic.

The end result is unmistakenly Bishop, yet undeniably a combination of many talented artists’ handiwork.

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  • Nicholas Petersen

    So, so good.

  • Nick Wood

    Amazing! Well balanced, classy, ticks all the boxes for me. Race on Sunday, commute on Monday…

  • Tommy Barse

    Details on the wheels: HED Ardennes+ Black Rims with Turbine brake track; Industry Nine Torch Classic Hubs; DT Swiss Aerolites; Wheelsmith 12mm alloy nipples.

    Stock Ardennes+ Black set was disassembled for the rims and laced to the I9 hubs.

    One of the best builds to leave my studio.

    I love everything about this bike! Great shots!

    • JimmyMcNulty

      crushed em!

      • Tommy Barse

        Thanks, dude!

  • DaveB

    Great lines and details! Hard to decide what I like more, the horizontal shoulders on the fork crown or the paint in the dropouts.

  • nothingfuture

    Lord almighty.

    This is what I’m talking about- lugged steel, horizontal top tube, crowned fork, skin wall tires, 2x drivetrain, and a long stem… all these wonderful classic trappings.
    And yet:
    The tires are wonderfully huge. The brakes are totally new school. The WHEELS! The paint! It’s a perfectly updated classic road bike.

    Now, I may be biased- my frame was painted by the same people. My bike has the same lug at the seat tube/top tube junction. I’m (generally speaking) a sucker for frames like this.
    But those details that update the thing- they really are fantastic here.

  • So many good details… and that fork crown…

  • JimmyMcNulty

    been waiting to see full pics of this for over a month. this may be my all time favorite bishop build.

  • AdamBike99

    That fork crown transitioning to the EE brake calipers… Zooot!!!

  • Mr Sun

    stunning!!! makes me feel the taste to go back on road again !!

  • Fredrik


  • Kevin Ehman

    it just doesn’t get any better than this. ride it all day, hang it on you living room wall in the evening.

  • Stunningly beautiful bike. Certainly my kind of style. Every time I see the stranda bianca’s, especially on such a beautiful frame, I want another set. luckily for me, I quickly remember how much an absolute PITA they are and come to my senses. For those who love those Samson bits, you can actually purchase some of those, including that fork crown from tracksupermarket. They also currently have a selection of nagasawa and cherubim frame building parts.

    • Yeah, I found the Roubaix 27mm tires to be much more manageable and actually measure closer to 29mm wide.

    • AngryBikeWrench

      What about the Strada Biancas is a PITA? After seeing this bike, I was strongly considering a pair.

      • They’re hard to get onto rims in my experience.

        • AngryBikeWrench

          Got it. Thank you! I don’t have pro-wrench-gorilla thumbs anymore, so I may need to rethink these…

          • Yes, absolute nightmare getting them mounted, or unmounted. Worst I’ve ever experienced with any tire. Although I didn’t experience this myself, there are quite a number of reports of the treading prematurely separating from the casing. (You can find photos of this phenomenon) They are beautiful tires, and they ride beautifully. But not the best I’ve ever ridden. so when I’m enticed by photos like this, I remember painful hands, fingers and broken tire levers.

  • Richard

    Mic. Drop.

  • OMG! I miss classic road bikes on this site or just road bikes all together. Great to see such a prime example. Does someone know if the brake track stays black on those rims?

    • From HED’s website:

      “1. The coating on HED Black-series rim brake wheels is a formulation that is harder than the cosmetic coating on many aluminum rims. With some forethought and minimal maintenance on the rider’s part, it will last a long time. Use of clean rubber brake pads (intended for use with alloy rims) will result in the longest life of the Black surface. Road grit and rocks that become embedded in the brake pads will cause the coating to wear much faster and affect the rims’ appearance and life span. Be advised that wet and/or dirty road surfaces will contaminate your brake pads. Regularly inspecting, cleaning, and replacing your brake pads will help prolong rim life.”

  • tony365

    My God is that good. i love a lugged steel road bike. Im also digging the direct mount brakes. Has me seriously considering sending off my 79” Trek 930 to have some studs brazed on. Great photos as always guys.

  • test tube ( ‘| )


  • Bill T

    Love it!