2018 Philly Bike Expo: Bass Boat Sparkle Disc Road

2018 Philly Bike Expo: Bass Boat Sparkle All Road
Photos by Jarrod Bunk, words by John Watson

Bryan Hollingsworth started Royal H Cycles in 2008. It’s now his 10-year anniversary of the company and at the Philly Bike Expo, he brought just the bike to celebrate, a deep purple sparkle-painted disc all road with elegant lines and modern functionality.

While the SRAM Red eTap, Easton Wheels, Zipp components, a Columbus fork, and Cane Creek Headset make for a completely balleur build, the detail in the wishbone seat stay steals the show. What a way to celebrate 10 years of framebuilding!


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  • AdamBike99

    Very beautiful machine. Lots of well thought out details and touches, and yeah, that wishbone seatstay cluster is bueno-bueno!
    But why, oh why, is there only room for a narrow 25mm tire???

    • Some people still like small road tires. I imagine this thing is rocket to ride!

      • AdamBike99

        That’s what I figured but the question is why? 8-)

        • AngryBikeWrench

          Old habits/myths die hard. A few years ago, I still knew a guy who ran around 200 lbs. who rode 19c tires inflated to 150 psi because he knew it was faster…

  • mark rothschild

    “Have a Super…Sparkly Day”!!!

  • Transit

    So excited to see this bike in all its wonderful glory!

  • W. Bradford Williams

    Very cool bike. What’s going on with that black insert looking thing at the seat clamp?

    • Originally I thought it was a window to the seat post, but now I see the lip. No idea honestly!

    • It’s a painted cut out, but the seat tube tapers from 27.2 to 31.8 at the bottom bracket.

      • W. Bradford Williams

        Cool detail. Thanks for the clarification. I can see better what’s going on now. Cheers!

  • Miguel Booth

    I can’t really see the handlebar well but I love the way it looks from the side.

  • California Travis


  • catnipjunkie

    Ugh… *unzips pants*