2018 Philly Bike Expo: Altruiste Plump Watermelon Pump Track Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2018 Philly Bike Expo: Altruiste Plump Watermelon Pump Track Bike
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Altruiste made quite the splash at NAHBS this year with their Best MTB and Best In Show for their Fundy, but I remember seeing this bike hanging from a stand wondering where the rest of the parts were, it turns out they were getting dunked in the anodizing tanks of Asheville. Paul Component, White Industries, and Industry 9 came together to create some very special faded parts that compliment this plump pump track bike.

If you’re able to check out Industry 9’s facility you may see the lucky owner shredding the pump track on their lunch break.


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  • dc

    plump track bike!

  • fuck yeah, this shit is super weird.

  • waiting for the plump penny farthing….

  • Well that’s… something.

  • terriblemcnaughton

    Smooth. fat tires at the pump track? My 45 lbs. 90s S&M Holmes w/ 1.75 tiogas laughs in your general direction.

  • Thomas Yeates


  • Ryan McKee

    Gush. I can’t stop staring at it. What an amazing bike. Truly a unique POV. Aesthetics aside, it looks like a blast to ride.

  • AdamBike99

    I want to know how to spell the sound of spitting watermelon seeds… phonetically.

    • Icepick Trotsky


      • AdamBike99

        Good one, but now phonetically, hahaha!

  • Mr Sun

    so funky !!

  • nothingfuture

    Let’s run the checklist, shall we?
    1. Tukt? Check.
    2. Sweet weird-ass drivetrain? Check.
    3. Color choices require impossible mis-match of parts? Check.

    Conclusion: This bike is fucking rad.