The Post Carry Co Transfer Case Looks Like It Could Be the Best Bike Travel Bag! Oct 29, 2018

Traveling by plane or train with a bike just got easier. With the Post Carry Co Transfer Case, ride to the airport or station with it strapped to your back, and pack your bike upon your arrival. It’s a completely secure case, that packs so small there’s even a chance you won’t be charged the bike fee. The thing that’s so genius about this case is its size and ease of transport. I hate showing up somewhere and asking my host to store my big case somewhere. The Transfer Case is small, with two sizes available. The 135L fits up to a 56cm bike and measures 91.5 x 71.5 x 23.0cm or 36.0 x 28.1 x 9.0” and the 150L fits up to a 62cm bike and measures 96.5 x 76.5 x 23.0cm or 38.0 x 30.1 x 9.0”. That’s tiny! See more at Post Carry Co.

  • DopePedaler

    Man, i love my Orucase but this seems to leave it in the dust. If they can get the total linear inches under or at 62 for 56cm, I’d give them all my money.

    • Yeah, my EVOC case is great but this looks even better. FWIW, I’ve packed bikes in boxes that measure 66″ linear inches and never had them measure it.

      • DopePedaler

        i’ve had the check-in representative use his hand as measuring tape

    • Marc Mendoza

      It would be challenging to get at 62″ for a 56cm frame. I did a study of dozens of frame geometries, changing the aspect ratio of a 62″ rectangular box, and basically the only way to get at 62″ (with adequate padding, that’s the keyword) is if your frame is tiny!
      -Marc, founder @ Post

  • Nicholas Tingey

    This bag is making me really think it’s time to part ways with the coupled bike and start traveling more with the crust.

    Shout out to Alaska Airlines who now allow any bike as a $25 checked piece of luggage. If you have an alaska airlines CC, your first piece of checked luggage is free meaning the bike flies for free. EVA air also doesn’t charge for oversized luggage.

  • Idle Prentice

    No big tires. Oh well.

  • Thad Hoffman

    I’ve used a Skinz case for years now. I wish the rear wheel packed beside it like the front wheel does (and as this case does) to further protect the rear wheel and shorten the case length, but the ease in packing it and the ease for TSA to open, inspect, and re-zip it without messing up my pack has been worth the investment. This case is tempting though for the portability when packed small, especially if it could double as a bikepacking bag. Would have been nice on my recent trip to Scotland as I would have been able to forgo to taxi ride to town due to the case being too big to carry on bike.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with this case since Marc completed the first prototypes. The experience has been nothing short of transformative. On over 20 flights I’ve been charged an oversized bag fee once, and it was because I stupidly was wearing a cycling cap and T-shirt with a bicycle on it when I went to check my bag with a notoriously awful US legacy carrier. When climbing stairs or riding a motorcycle, I wear it like a backpack. On crowded subways, I simply roll it on its side to take up less space. It’s small enough to fit in the back of pretty much any vehicle. And the fact that it packs down so compactly means it’s super easy to store. The quality and consideration Marc paid to each aspect of the user experience is outstanding, and the bag pays for itself almost immediately on avoided airline fees.

  • Colin Jaskiewicz

    Looks like an Orucase. And they have 4 sizes ranging from 62 linear inches up to 29ers.