The New Radavist Jerseys Oct 3, 2018

We’re busy over here, working on the new web shop that will launch November 1st. Included in the product list are these new jerseys, made in Los Angeles by Endo Customs. We’ve got a whole bunch of other products in queue as well, so stay tuned, and keep watch for the launch on November 1st…

  • Andrew Arevalo

    Long sleeve please!

  • Dan Hanafin

    Ya nailed it with these designs, really pumped on that middle one.

  • Superpilot

    Concept up some of these in lighter colours too dudes! Could look sick in lighter colours on a bright white, blue or similar background (and better for road hogs like me for visibility)…

    • ciabattaman

      Camo and visibility are opposites.

  • Loudass, Esq.

    Rhodesian camo – that’s a bold choice!

    • It’s a mash up of a few patterns. Mostly Belgian with some lighter tones.

  • krazy d


  • terriblemcnaughton

    (throws wallet at screen)

  • Froste

    I am quite amazed how long the camo trend has stuck with in the cycling world. I was hoping it would more quickly be replaced by another fab. To me it just doesn’t feel right to wear clothes that represent violence, so I dont. I understand these prints were not actually worn by soldiers but it plays on the same theme. I strongly believe that war and violence should never be celebrated.

  • Kawika Samson


  • ciabattaman

    What will the fit be? Club? Race? Choices?

    • Endo only does one fit for custom stuff like this. It’s not super racey fit, but not club either.

  • Oh snap!

  • Pat

    OK, so I know what I’m getting for Christmas now.

  • Emory Hancock

    XXS sizes? I’ve got a 25″ waist and finding kit is an exercise in frustration.

    • We can do custom stuff like that. When the shop opens, email me.

  • Nate Christy


  • @Brienhall

    These are sick! Thermal/cold weather weight a possibility?

  • barry mcwilliams

    Excited to rep the Radavist in Berlin.

  • Looks great John!