Silca Re-thinks the Y Wrench with the Ypsilon Oct 18, 2018

Silca doesn’t think it makes sense to have multiple Y Wrenches kicking around your workbench. They believe you should be able to customize your wrench for whatever task at hand. You know what? I agree. If you do too, check out the new Ypsilon wrench at Silca.

6 responses to “Silca Re-thinks the Y Wrench with the Ypsilon”

  1. Nick Meulemans says:

    This is the one I use, replaced my AWS-1 a long, long time ago:

  2. maxgralph says:

    Finally! Ordering one now.

  3. AdamBike99 says:

    Beautiful and immaculately designed, like all of their stuff. I am wondering if the bits from the T-Ratchet Torque tool kit are compatible with it… It would be awesome to only need the Y-wrench- for a reasonable $36 instead of $74- while avoiding the redundancy of “same” bits.

    • Joshua Poertner says:

      Adam, yes, the bits are the same style with hi-vis markings and S2 steel as used in the T-Ratchet kit and are fully interchangeable with that tool as well as any other 1/4 Bit style tool.

      • AdamBike99 says:

        Awesome! I’ll be ordering one soon.
        And thank you for personally taking the time to answer my question, Josh.

  4. Moo Dang says:

    joking to myself I thought great but it’s going to cost $107…