Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros: Gus Morton in Lone Pine Oct 10, 2018

Gus from Thereabouts and Outskirts takes on some of my favorite road riding in California on a track bike in the latest from State Bicycle’s Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros.

  • Mehdi Farsi

    Thanks for posting ✌️I’m dying to go back and try that ride, but with gears….

    • We did Whitney Portal and Horseshoe Meadows in the same sitting. 60 miles and 12k elevation. It sucked! The last 1,200′ was the ride back to camp from Lone Pine after we ate burgers…

  • AdamBike99

    Rad RoadrASSh! Yowch!

    Gus had such a great attitude- and some sage advice- about it though.

    • Mehdi Farsi

      He was a pleasure to work with. I can’t think of another human being who would have been so chill about how that went down. Would love to shoot any project with him again!

  • Eric

    That downhill was heavy! And Gus’s reaction to the crash was classic. Good film!