Industry Nine Announces Shimano Micro Spline Approval Oct 16, 2018

When a new standard enters the industry, smaller companies and makers scramble to update their products to this new standard but when the standard is under license, they have to jump through hoops to access that license. Shimano’s Micro Spline is part of the XTR M9100 group and requires a completely new driver. Luckily, Industry Nine is one of the few companies granted a license to make this driver, which they will do at their facility in Asheville, North Carolina.

When M9100 hits retailers, look to Industry Nine for your hub and driver needs.

  • BiscuitBiscuitBiscuit


  • Truth Hurts

    So your two XTR12 hub choices are now whisper silent or swarm of chainsaws. Love the idea of both.

    • I laughed!

    • Gene

      I9 is perfect if you want to drown out your buddy that just does. not. shut. up!

      FYI – DT Swiss (therefore, anything with DT internals) is going to be MicroSpline ready.

      • I just pack i9 hubs with slightly more grease and viola, no more loud hubs.