Ethan’s Breadwinner Goodwater Hardtail 29’r

Named after a trail. Well, THE trail that dances along the Little Grand Canyon in the San Rafael Swell, Utah, the Goodwater is a completely capable and versatile hardtail from the team at Breadwinner Cycles in Portland, Oregon. We’ve seen a review on this bike from Gabe Tiller and now here’s Ethan from Breadwinner’s own bike. A massive XL frame with a saddle height so high that I had to use the dropper to get a leg over it, I was impressed with how damn good it looks at a particularly large scale. As a big dude myself, it’s not often I shoot a bike this large!

Spending time at the Breadwinner Cafe was a real highlight of my trip to Portland and maybe next time I can pull Ethan out on a ride. The last ride I had with Tony and Ira resulted in some of my favorite Portland MTB photos…


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  • Logan Groves

    Doesn’t get much rowdier than that!

  • On an interesting note, I took inspiration for the paint from a Honda Paris Dakar XL600 race bike. -Ethan

  • them bw’s always make me happy.

  • R.P. Treb

    The bike is a amazing. I am being picky but be nice to fit 29 x 2.6.

  • Henry Turner-Julier

    Love seeing big bikes since I am 6 6. Any geo numbers you can enlighten us with?

  • singlespeedscott

    I’m a bit concerned by the lack of a gusset or ovalized downtube at the head tube junction.

    • Why? Butting is doing that internally.

      • singlespeedscott

        I’ve done a few hard tails frames in at the downtube/ headtube junction. Those with gussets seem to stand up fine.

        • There are a lot of factors that come into play. What were the tubing specs? Were they the same specs used in the Breadwinner frames? I’ve watched Tony ride and he’s not exactly easy on his bikes. Ethan’s 6’6″ and is the same – rough on his stuff. Tony’s been building bikes for a long time. Both my hardtails are gusset-free. All the builders I know don’t use them. In the world of oversized, butted tubes, I feel like gussets are placebos – mostly. I think it’s safe to say this bike’s construction is ok.

          • Michael

            Agree there are lots of tube specs available and ones specifically for this type of application (longer and thicker butting at the head tube). I expect a builder like Breadwinner knows what they are doing here.

  • Peter Chesworth

    Light ‘n easy.

  • Jonathan Clay

    I love this bike. I recently made the jump to a steel 29er+ single speed and have been loving being back on a steel frame, SS with the big tires. Since I am pushing 6’7” I am very curious about how this bike climbs? With such short chainstays and the long seat post, does it get light in the handlebars or wheelie while climbing step stuff?