Bear Claw Bicycle Co Covers all Your Fat Tire Needs Oct 16, 2018

Bear Claw Bicycle Co was born on the back roads and byways of the scenic outdoors, built with rugged terrain in mind, and delivers versatile bikes with no-nonsense designs. From the 700c/650b drop bar Thunderhawk, to the rowdy Beowulf hardtail, and the fat AF Balthazar, Bear Claw has just about any ride you’d need to tour, bikepack, and get rad on. Check out their full lineup at Bear Claw Bicycle Co.

  • Kurt Templeton

    I am a big fan of The Radavist. But this article is a bit odd. Is it a review? Just a paid ad? Payola? Very front and center with none of the interesting stories or polish that I expect.

    • YaanG

      I like learning about all these lesser-known builders. Sure it would be nice to see the full blown photo essay, but there’s a limit to how many of those can be done.

    • Terry Dean

      i feel like the left hand column on the radavist is just about always these kinda industry-insider-product-shoutout kinda things. i enjoy them, gives me something to check out after reading the main articles.

    • The left hand column is called the “Radar” – it’s short and quick product postings (like this), event listings, videos, etc. The center column is all of our original content. The only ads are the ones on the right. No content is paid for. If we do a sponsored trip report, we’re 100% transparent about that and the only I can think of off the top of my head is the Subaru trip in Death Valley from this January. The only money made here on the site are from ads.

      Posts like this are meant to get the word out and give smaller companies exposure without them having to spend a dime. Or to post about races, or to showcase videos…


      • Kurt Templeton

        Thansk for the reply. I do appreciate the work you do and hopefully my daily visits get you the ad revenue to keep it worthwhile.

  • Jason Rides Bikes

    Sweet looking bikes, but I think they could have done a little better with the gravel bike’s rear derailleur housing setup. The other two bikes are so clean compared to the gravel bike.
    Regardless, love the bikes, and now I must find a 24 hour donut shop!

  • MarkP

    Where are these bikes manufactured?

  • terriblemcnaughton

    I’ve been drooling over various Thunderhawk builds on IG for a minute. They also appear to be working on a Ti and Carbon fork with all kinds of mounts that look solid. I am happy to see more diversity and increased capabilities for these materials in the fork market.

  • Jason Jablon

    I own a Thunderhawk and love it. Perfect for riding two tracks here in Northern Michigan where these bikes are sold. While they may be made overseas they are built up and serviced by the guys at Einstein Cycles in Traverse City. Really top notch guys and bikes. Great to see them featured here