2018 Grinduro: This Blue Collar Nigel 650G is Perfection!

Wow. Just wow. Robert from Blue Collar Bikes brought my favorite bike to the 2018 Grinduro Town Hall. Painted to match his iconic van, this Nigel 650G featured components from PAUL, 3T, WTB, White Industries, SRAM, and a Fabric saddle. There are so many NorCal brands on this bike, all within a short trip from Sacramento where Blue Collar is based.

There’s not much else to note about this bike, as it’s a prime example of a bike that tells its own story. My only regret was not taking this photo as well!


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  • Theodor Rzad

    Such a rad bike and the oldest Speedplay Frogs I’ve ever seen! I have some brown ones too but these are even older. My 7 yr old boy really liked the brown rims for some reason.

  • Pascal K

    hot damn!

  • California Travis

    That downtube decal tho! Many fire emojis!

  • Nick Wood

    I love the 2-way wheels that look to have seen rim brake duty as well. Very “blue collar.”

  • Mark McGrath

    Such a nice bike. Any idea on geometry numbers on it? This is the kind of bike I want (but at a working man’s price point) – what would even come close to it do you think in terms of production brands/models? Maybe something like a drop bar Surly Bridge Club? Raleigh Stuntman outfitted with 650b wheels instead of 700c? Others?

    • Scott

      I was fortunate enough to have Robert build me one of these recently, and the numbers are probably pretty similar. 72 degree HT angle and 72.5 degree ST angle, coupled with a BB high enough to get rowdy with. The TT is built on the longer side compared with a cross bike, so basically it is the best of all things cross and mtb in one super rad bike. Mine absolutely RIPS!!!!!!!!

      Hoping to make it to Grinduro next year to join the party ;) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1bf43d9a67a6dfec3585b298b793243de65ff084bc1fa4a20035fe2c6d1f1f76.jpg

      • Mark McGrath

        Scott could you send me an email to mmcg25 at gmail.com

  • Papi

    Super cool bike. JOHN – one quick question for you because you saw it in person. Is it just the lighting, or are all the PAUL components a slightly different shade of orange from one another? The stem, post, klampers dial, hubs (are those PAUL?) all seem to be a different shade, which is surprising from a manufacturer that anodizes so much.

    • White Mike

      If they came from different runs they will be slightly different.. whether from King, I9 or Paul. The king limited purples and sour apples were both slightly different depending on when you received/ordered them.

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Its funny that 2.0″ tires on drop bar bikes look almost small now that there a bikes that fit 2.4″and bigger, When like 3 years ago this would have been radical.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    This thing looks rowdy!