2018 Grinduro: Purple Rock Lobster All Road

One bike that I was very stoked to see on display at this year’s Grinduro Town Hall was this beautiful aluminum Rock Lobster All Road. Built with SRAM Red eTap as a 1x, Zipp wheels, and a beautiful purple and green paint job, this bike grabbed the attention of many attendees of this equally fun as challenging event. Part of that has to do with the paint, which was laid down by Black Magic in Portland!

Sometimes simplicity is the name of the game and that’s one game Rock Lobster knows how to win!


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  • Evan Krakovitz

    So many sweet gravel bikes on Radavist have Zipp wheels. Are they “the” wheelset to consider if I want to upgrade my bike ( santa cruz stigmata , mostly road riding, some gravel )?

    • Transparency: Zipp and SRAM are sponsors of the event, so the builders got really good deals on parts. That’s why they all are on Zipp wheels.

    • Damien Milazzo

      i9’s. They are the wheelset to upgrade to. Light, strong, BLING! And about the same price as Zipps. Although you can’t get a 45 depth carbon wheel from them in their Torch wheels.

    • Dario

      Zipp makes some of the best rims out there when it comes to stiffness and overall performance, but the SRAM hubs they’re laced to usually lack the same superlativeness.

  • mark rothschild

    “….there goes a Narwhal”!!!

  • hans


  • Tim Guarente

    Unrelated: I keep seeing Industry 9 banners on this site showing a machined stem. Is there something non-wheel coming from them?

    • John

      I was wondering the same

    • mayyyyybe

      • R. M.

        that could be very cool!

  • Chris Valente

    Painting the insides of forks and stays a contrasting color is one of my favorite subtle details. Beauty of a bike…

  • Terry Dean

    do the two shift paddles work like one’s for upshifting and the other’s downshifting?

    • Gene

      Exactly. The right button up-shifts, the left button down-shifts.

  • Anyone know how the eTap does as a 1x without a clutch mechanism?

    • Gene

      It actually works pretty well. The narrow-wide chainring does a good job of keeping the chain on the system. The Wi-Fli derailleur just has enough range to match the XTR 11-40 cassette. We have a Paul chain keeper for gnarlier off-road rides. The biggest downside to missing the clutch is chain-slap. The second E-Tap Eagle is available, this is the first bike to get it!

      I’ll update this as we’re testing out the limits of this wireless system.

  • Lewy

    I am still wiping the drool from my keyboard.

  • Drew Carlson

    Does that green glow in the dark? It sure looks like it should and that would be so amazing!

    • Gene

      Would’ve matched that midnight blurple so well!

  • Allan Varcoe

    What fork clears those Nano’s? Whiskey No9 CX?

    • Gene

      Yup – that’s a Whisky No.9 CX 12mm

      • Allan Varcoe

        Thank you so much! That will be my next fork then ! :)

  • just saw a Rock Lobster outside of Trader Joes today. Damn fine specimens