2018 Grinduro: Caletti Silver Surfer Scrambler

Another super clean flat bar all-road, or “hybrid” bike on display at Grinduro was this steel Caletti Scrambler, painted in a beautiful silver, adorned with the California Grizzly geometric graphic, topped off with purple anodized bits. Bikes like this really make sense for an event like Grinduro, where the washboarded roads can provide a challenging grip for drop bars, which are prone to slipping. It might be a matter of preference, but flat bar ‘cross and all-road bikes really look mean!

If you’d like to know more about the Caletti Scrambler, check out our review from last year!


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  • mikeetheviking


  • Simon M

    Which shifter is this one running with the force 1 mech – S700 I assume? Looking to do a similar thing with my private jake and getting hung up on if I get an S700 (or Apex 1) shifter, or do a whole sale group change….

    • John Caletti

      Shifter: Sram X0 i believe, 11 speed. Also, you could use a mountain rear derailleur instead of the Force 1 and take your pick of the mountain shifters

      • Simon M

        Thanks for the reply John. Mtb mech/shifter is absolutely the way to go if starting new. I’ve got a road derailleur on the bike now so I’ll experiment with the Apex 1 shifter as I always get confused about crossing the mtb/road streams…..

        • Derek

          It’s almost certainly an S-700 shifter, although an Apex 1 flat bar shifter could also have been used. SRAM’s road and mountain groups use a different cable pull ratio, so if you had built up a bike with drop bars and road parts and wanted to go to a flat bar, those are the only two shifters that will work with their road derailleurs. Otherwise, if starting from scratch, feel free to mix and match any 11 speed mountain derailleur or shifter with each other, regardless of the level.

  • Chase McNeill

    i think it’s time we talk about this awesome barn

    • Dario

      The Quincy Fairgrounds goat unit, I slept in that fine barn

  • GNARdina

    Scrambler is a perfect name for this. It’s a lightweight, dirt-capable version of it’s road bike counterparts. A fast flat bar bike is always so much fun.

  • George T Rosselle

    What a nice looking bike. I would like it even more if it had a steel fork with a nice bend at the bottom. But that might eliminate disc brakes. I think I would get over it.

  • Skyler

    I love the profile of this bike. Looks so right. It’s always pleasing to see rigid mountain bikes without suspension-corrected forks.