2018 Grinduro: Breadwinner Cycles Burberry B Road

Man! What a year for the Town Hall bikes at Grinduro. There were nine bikes from builders on display, all the result of their ideal Grinduro rigs, and many of the brands took it as an opportunity to release some balleur builds. Take for instance this Breadwinner Cycles B Road, blinged out with custom Andrew the Maker bags made from Burberry fabric.

The result is one of my favorite Breadwinners to date, especially when you look at the complete build from a distance. It has panache!

E D D Y M E R K I N!


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  • Hurl Everstone

    Great Scott! they just keep getting better!

  • terriblemcnaughton

    That bike is all of my drop-bar dreams rolled into one. Does anyone actually find the Flight seat comfortable? It looks amazing and I have owned a couple, but try as I might I could never get comfortable on em. Likely just my body type.

    • I like them but I can ride narrow shapes like that and the Unicanitor

    • JimmyMcNulty

      I have one on my Rock Lobster but I hate to admit that the San Marco Regale FX on my track bike is way more comfy. I think we must both be more suited to wider, flatter saddles. The Titanium Flite just really looks the part on a classy old skool/nu skool build, especially with a silver post.

    • Zian

      Probably just a personal preference. I have them on every bike, love the look and happy they’re comfortable for me.

      • Dave Pelletier

        I always found they were most comfortable when pushing on the pedals just as hard as possible! ;)

      • Lucas Nilsson

        I have it on one of my bikes, but I find that I need to have the nose of the saddle pointing a bit up to get it neutral. Looks bad but feels great..

    • We find them comfortable but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something more comfortable. I’m curious to try something like the Fabric Scoop next. My prostate might thank me in the long run too.

    • GNARdina

      Try the Fabric scoop. Similar style/ shape, and it’s comfortable. The TI one is about the same weight as well if you worry about those types of things.

    • pissed

      Rode a Flight for years. Suffered for years until i found out there was something better. I now have 2 bikes with Fizik Aliante. The best fit I’ve found for me. Tried a Toupe – torture. I have a Brooks b-17 that I’m riding with no padding hoping that some day I will attain the fabled fit. It’s getting better. Also had an old Rolls for a while and it was OK.

  • jtbadge
    • Even though I take a lot of inspiration from classic bicycle paint schemes I had not seen that one until now. There is so much good stuff out there much of which I’ve never seen before. Thanks for sharing.

  • marcus

    How, HOW is that neat frame bag attached so seamlessly to the frame?

    • Chris Valente

      Probably has braze-ons under the top tube and bolts on from the inside. One of the bonuses of a custom frame, looks clean as hell.

  • Lyle Wiens

    I can’t find the post lever anywhere. I really hope it is the left side shift lever. That would be clever.

    • Alex Hillis

      It is, pretty easy to hack with sram shifters.

      • Fairly easy. The c-clip was a small pita to remove. For this bike, the challenging part was fixing the cut end of the dropper cable to the dropper. Both the seatpost and shifter were designed for the barrel end of the cable. I installed a part of a straddle cable to fix the cable to the actuator on the post and an in-line adjuster for final cable tension adjustment. So far, it works great. -Ethan

  • OldDocThedan .

    You people and your not so new gravel niche.
    The last thing I need to see is another steel “gravel” rig.
    (Smugly clicks link to yet another drop at bike)
    Instantly wants (not for the first time) a Breadwinner frame or 3.
    Gorgeous bikes.
    Thanks for blowing out my self installed cobwebs of assumption.


  • Peter Chesworth

    Beautiful and ready to be ridden hard.