Whisky Parts Co’s New Drop Bars Sep 18, 2018

For those of you looking into swapping out your drop bars for something new, Whisky Parts Co’s new offerings might be of interest to you. The new No.7 aluminum and No.9 carbon bars come in a variety of shapes, thanks to the 6, 12, and 24º flair options, as well as widths up to 46cm. With the two material options, there’s something for any build, so head to Whisky to check out the details and your local dealer for ordering.

  • I noticed these a few weeks ago. The alloy 12F has identical stats to the Salsa Cowbell and the alloy 24F stats are identical to the Cowchipper. Whisky doesn’t state what alloy they are, so I assume they’re 6061. The clamp area even appears to be the same width. So the only thing that doesn’t appear to be the same as the Salsa version is the MSRP. What am I missing?

    • shafty

      Here’s my guess… more of the Salsa branded bars are made for use on stock Salsa builds, so the extra expense for Whisky branded bars is simply due to costs of finishing for a smaller volume. They’re likely intended as more neutral aftermarket option. The pricing may very well only be to differentiate them. Lame way to do that though.