We’re In Nevada this Week! Sep 21, 2018

I’ve been looking forward to this week for a long time. A handful of us is embarking on a trip across highway 50 in Nevada, dubbed “the lonely highway;” this beautiful high desert road is anything but that – especially when it comes to outdoor activities like mountain biking. We’ll be hitting various towns along the way, riding trails both old and new, all while soaking in the rich history and environment that is central Nevada…

  • Kyle Marmesh

    Such a rad road. Be sure to check out Spencer Hot Springs east of Austin if you haven’t already.

  • Jeffrey Frane

    Driving this road after Grinduro, can’t wait to see what you turn up.

    • All of Ely’s trails rule! Cave Lake is amazing… Lookout to Pine Loop.

  • Pookums

    Perhaps you can leave a pair of Giros on the shoe tree.

  • BendORWildcat

    Ely looks like a cool spot, any camping spots you’d recommend?

    • There’s tons of BLM land above town you can camp on if you’ve got a high clearance vehicle. National Forest Development Rd 440. Go up a few miles though, since a lot of the lower spots are shut down. And pack out everything, it gets trashed up there…