The Ritchey Ultra MTB Frame Sep 24, 2018

As a throwback to the original Ultra 30 years ago, Ritchey has re-released this 120mm suspension hardtail, with a modern geometry, clearances for either a 27.5”x2.8” or 29”x2.4” tires, and a sleek Sierra grey color. Head to Ritchey for the full geometry specs and your local dealer to check one out.

  • Teamdarb

    Is this another bait and switch 60’s Shelby Cobra thang? Cause that’s how it looks…. Same bike, new paint, small wheels.

    • Huh?


      Interested in what you’re noticing here. The geometry is a departure from our previous XC oriented P-series and more all mountain than our trail oriented Timberwolf.

      • Teamdarb

        What should I notice to be different? Angles change with tire size and fork length….. but can still be the same frame.

        • Perhaps the ambiguity of “frame” is misleading. Ritchey has a design language that carries over to all their mtb frames, even their fatbike but that fatbike frame isn’t the same as a Timberwolf.

          • Teamdarb

            And I still asks: what should I notice and to be different? Design language is just another way to say “we build them the same”. The fat bike didn’t win any prizes. It was a different frame. I am asking a legit question, not just an internet poke and run.

        • R.P. Treb


  • Such a sweet bike.