Paul Component Engineering: Flat Mount Klampers Sep 28, 2018

At Grinduro, Chico-based Paul Component Engineering displayed their new flat mount Klampers. Expect more details to come, but I had to share these with y’all seeing as how many have expressed an interest in seeing Klampers updating to this popular disc brake interface. EDIT: Check them out now at Paul!

  • colavitos_ghost

    So dope! These will be going on my Midnight Special ASAP

  • Sean Coffey

    Stooooked. I have been eagerly awaiting these! THANK YOU PAUL for existing. Rim or disc, Paul FTW.

  • I like the polished/black scheme as much as I like the flat mount redesign. Pretty dope all around.

    • DaymanDaryl

      Their polished is so good!

  • Matt Greene

    Still only actuates on one pad which is far from ideal. Would have liked to see both sides receive actuation with this new revision. The TRP Spyre is still the best mechanical disc brake out there at the moment.

    • Paul addresses the reason they only did one side in one of his videos. In spite of that, still the best brakes I’ve ever used. Also, for bikepacking, they’re the BOMB! Funny enough, I still don’t get what people think is so great about flat mount brakes.

      • Tim Guarente

        On the back, I can see flat mount making chainstay installation easier, and if the front didn’t always use these plate adaptors, you could do a pass-through, too.

  • TheGluconateGuy

    The Klampers look sexy as F%&K, but is that a flat mount ENVE CX fork with mudguard mounts? Tell me more.