I <3 Nevada #RideEly Sep 14, 2018

Next week, I’ll be embarking on a MTB tour across Nevada, hitting various trail networks along the way, including Ely. Never heard of Ely? Check out this video by Drop Media.

  • Daniel Powell

    Damn. Sounds like a pretty sweet fall/spring destination!

    • Toby Welborn

      Ely is awesome! Great longterm vision. Keep an eye on this place. Bike packing potential out the whazoo!

  • colavitos_ghost

    Ely is a weird town! So many motels!

    • Daniel M

      And a recreational dispensary! I like Ely so much more now…

  • JScriv

    Crazy small world. You mentioned Ely and I thought – wow I used to bartend with Brian and Suz up in Tahoe until they moved back to Ely to take over the casino… I wonder if they’re in this … Awesome!