Fizik’s Tempo Powerstrap R5 Sep 20, 2018

I must say, this time of year is one of my favorites in the cycling industry. Summer is nearly over and brands begin to push out their new products, eagerly awaiting the consumers’ reactions. When I saw the new Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 hit their webshop, I suddenly was excited for road shoes, since forever ago. At only 499 grams for a size 42, a sleek silhouette, easy to adjust velcro straps and a price of $119, these shoes hit a lot of marks, including an all-black design. See more at Fizik and holler at your local dealer for ordering.

    • mjsenz

      Thanks Doc! Sitting in a meeting, giggling to myself like an idiot on this one.

  • Dave Pelletier

    $119? Is that a typo? I haven’t seen anyone introduce a new road shoe for less than $400 in years! Refreshing…

  • Jon B.

    Furthermore their mtb shoe offerings are r a d this year.

  • JimthePE

    Do they come in widths?

  • Eric Hancock

    The white model is really nice.

  • bleui

    ‘only 499 grams’ ? I’m no weightweenie but that seems heavy even for a nylon sole

  • Bennett Shane

    I’ve been riding in the Fizik R4B, which also have the nylon composite sole, for a coulple seasons. The sole is plenty stiff for fast-paced recreational riding and you can walk on gravel all day without worry.