Bike Fiend Moab: Where the Locals get Their Fix! – Kyle Kelley

Bike Fiend Moab: Where the Locals get Their Fix!
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

Moab Classic Bike was started by Chris Hill back in 2012. It began by selling refurbished bikes to Moab residents and certified dirtbag adrenalin junkies like himself. Later, Pierre Chastain, the man behind Blaze Bicycles, would come on board to refine and reimagine the way the bike shop worked and what they would sell, eventually making Moab Classic Bike more of the bike shop it is today. In 2016 Moab Classic Bike would become Bike Fiend, Pierre would take full ownership, concentrating on Blaze Bicycles and the Bikepacking community at large, all while keeping the “dirtbag” vibes alive!

With most shops in Moab concentrate on mountain bike rentals and mountain bike tourism these days, it was super refreshing to walk into a shop and feel the comforts of a local bike shop. Don’t get me wrong, Bike Fiend will also rent you a bike too, a matter of fact they’ll rent you: a hardtail, dual-suspension, road bike, townie, or even a bikepacking bike with a full bag setup and even provide maps and routes! That said, nothing screams this, there aren’t loads of the same bikes all piled up, there are real-life bike accessories for sale like locks and lights, not just the things everyone forgets to pack when going on bike vacation, such as gloves, shoes, helmets – they have these too. They even are sitting on a pretty sweet vintage derailleur collection and some pretty rare vintage road goodies. There’s also a few museum bikes and accessories hanging all over the shop, just waiting to be discovered.

As bike shops become more sterile, it’s a real joy to walk into a store where you are constantly finding more and more things to look at, where the signs are all beautifully hand-drawn, where the employees are excited to see you, and there are just people hanging out because that’s what you do when you’re not riding.

I spent hours in Bike Fiend trying to see and document it all, but that just isn’t possible, you could spend a lifetime in that store and keep discovering things. At one point I wanted to get on the roof to photograph their sign and when I went to the back of the building to climb up, I discovered the old Moab Classic Bike sign and that Bike Fiend was still operating a bicycle co-op in the back of the shop! It was beautiful with heaps of bike and parts blanketed by one of those beautiful Southern Utah sunsets. I was in aw. It’s not easy running a bike shop, let alone a bicycle co-op, coffee shop, and a bicycle frame builder all in one.

I’m looking forward to making it back out there this winter, but until then I’m just going to scour this photo gallery to see if there is anything in these photos I didn’t discover while I was actually there!

Stay tuned this week for a very special Blaze Bicycle and a Blaze shop visit!


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  • dm

    What’s the brand of the socks in the #24, middle line? :)

    • They’re Ridge Supply socks!

      • dm

        Thanks. I think is Defeet here in EU

        • Yeah DeFeet makes them but the brand is Ridge Supply.

  • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey

    The reverence Kyle shows to bike shops is similar to how some people talk about sacred places or Cathedrals and I love it. Thanks for sharing your passions Kyle.

    • Agreed!

    • No, thank you for reading. Many bike shops are sacred places to me and I am devastated each and every time one of them shuts down. So I find it very important to shine the light on many of these shops, so people know they exist when visiting these towns. Everyday at GSC we see someone visiting Los Angeles from afar, and this can be extremely helpful. Not only financially, but mentally as well…it is very uplifting. You know you’re doing something right, when someone plans a vacation around your bike shop. Thank you all for reading!

  • mchen1ma

    Damn, I was just in Moab last week and wasn’t aware of this place.

    • Don’t feel bad! I’ve been there a bunch of times and didn’t know about it either. I’m glad I do now though!

    • Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere!

  • Typo: “aw” -> “awe”

  • Locke Hassett

    Pierre and Chris are awesome. When I was living up In the la sals a few years ago, this was my go to hangout spot. Really solid humans, keeping Moab weird and real. Not surprised this is the shop that caught your eye in that strange town.

  • mark rothschild

    Whats the rear Derailluer on the Blue Bike???

    • Greg Turner

      its Campagnolo mountain rear derailleur

  • Sam Stroebel

    I went there a few years ago, after rattling down the whole enchilada with some friends on some ill equipped old hard tails, which resulted in more than one mechanical issue. They were super nice about helping get bike issues sorted. The Blaze frames where works of art.

  • Pascal K

    Great gallery Kyle!