All Metal, All the Time, with Moots this Week! Sep 13, 2018

I’m here in Steamboat, Colorado with Moots Cycles and the Ramble Ride! After shooting a bunch of shop photos and employee bikes, I can say, this might be one of the best framebuilder galleries to date on the Radavist. Those welds are from a frame being welded… no coloration there! Stay tuned next week for more!

What’s your favorite Moots Model?

  • AnzaBags

    Been eyeing a Moots Routt RSL but gotta slang a lot of bags to afford one.

    • Those are so slick! I’m really into that one too.

  • Daniel Smith

    The only Moots I’ve had the pleasure to ride was my brother-in-law’s custom Vamoots, and I can blame it for starting my lust for custom Ti.

  • Keith Vail

    Baxter all the way! I love the whole drop bar mtb thing for my riding and finally bit the bullet and am getting one in about a week. So excited it is hard to wait.

    • I’m riding that on the Ramble Ride. Setup with XTR and drop bars. Stoked!

  • geopedler

    John, If you can, go see Kent Eriksen and Brad Bingham while you’re there in Steamboat, you’ll have a second story for certain.

    • I’m heading there on Monday! And Orange Peel! What a wild shop!

      • Kevin Winslow

        Tell Brock hay from the Iowa dudes

  • W. Bradford Williams

    Already getting something to protect my keyboard from all the drool. Can’t wait to see the pics. I go to sleep at night dreaming of owning a Vamoots DR. Every time I ride the road bike I bought because I couldn’t afford a Moots and something goes wrong (flat, rain, lose a bottle, bug in the mouth) I think to myself, probably wouldn’t have happened if I had bought the Moots.

  • Tony Valdiconza

    I have a 2006 Moots Compact, so for my 60th bday this year I had Moots build me a custom Vamoots RSL. Their stock sizes didn’t fit me, the stack was too high for my position. So my LBS sent Moots the spec drawings from my Alchemy Xanthus and Breadwinner Lolo.

    • Ceol Mor

      Sorry if your monitor just shook — that was simply an aftershock from my eyes rolling… ^^^