You Can Use a 30mm Crank Spindle with the BEER Components Oner PF30 Eccentric Bottom Bracket Aug 21, 2018

If you are looking to build a singlespeed ‘cross race bike, or a singlespeed mountain bike, and anything in between, you can run your favorite 30mm spindle cranks with the BEER Components Oner, as long as your frame has a PF30 shell. Recently, I swapped out the older 24mm Sugino cranks and Problem Solvers bottom bracket for the BEER Oner and White Industries cranks on my Urban Racer.

I’ve had some issues with slipping on the previous setup, so the most noticeable difference between the Problem Solvers and BEER BB is how precision fit the BEER BB is. That could be for a number of reasons, but I’m going with it’s because the BEER Oner is made by White Industries, who take tolerances very seriously.

The BEER Oner went into the frame with some grease quite easily but required the use of a lockring wrench to get the cranks in proper position to correct chain tension. Depending on your frame, make sure you have one of those handy. It might be difficult to adjust the tension by hand. Once your cranks are in place, and you’ve achieved proper chain tension, you can lock the BEER Oner in place, ensuring it won’t slip.

Since the Urban Racer was such a controversial bike, I almost didn’t want to post about this new setup but the BEER Oner was such an easy swap and opened up this bike to run my favorite cranks.

Check out more photos below!

Recently, I crimped the chainstays in a bench vise and gained a good amount of tire clearance. Now it fits these Terrene 47mm Elwood tires which measure 50mm on the Blunt SS rims. Needless to say, I think the bike looks way better!

  • Zian

    I love the UR so much, but it’s just soo expensive, and sooo impractical, which is why it’s soooo fun.
    Digging through the old UR post, this photo (×890.jpg) really stands out.

  • Jason Rides Bikes

    I love that you put that frame in a vice to crimp it!

    • Yeah! Put a block of soft (yellow pine) wood on the outside and a 10mm allen key on the inside. Worked great. It was a bit awkward but I got it pretty symmetrical and didn’t affect the alignment surprisingly.

      • #DirtyRoadie

        Prolly DIY-ing a Speedvagen. Awesome.

        • dan scheie

          Takes major cojones to do that to a custom ride like that! I would have been sweating bullets!

          • I had practice from the days of trying to cram huge tires in track bikes. hah

      • Jordan Muller

        Fast forward 10 years and Rapha will be selling bespoke yellow pine wood blocks for frame crimping.

      • Richard

        YouTube of that, please. (!)

    • AngryBikeWrench

      I wondered if anybody else did a spit take when they read that. Ballsy.

  • dan scheie

    Oh hi, new work computer desktop wallpaper!

  • Ryan Nowicki

    That fact that this bike is still “controversial” shows just how lame people are. The thing looks like a ripper, period. Nice upgrade.

  • #DirtyRoadie

    is all of the paint rub original?

    • yeah, the paint came distressed / rubbed.

  • macatarere

    Nicely done John Watson. I swapped my Problem Solvers, too loose, for a Wheels Mfg., too tight, for a BioCentric 30, just right on a Foundry Auger/Valmont, still a 24mm spindle though. Does the Oner just use thinner bearings? Has anyone converted the BioCentric 30 to 30mm spindle? Or an eccentric in a T47? I know I could try, I’m just being lazy…

    • The bearings are still plenty beefy but yes, thinner to allow the extra 6mm of spindle diameter.

      • macatarere

        Any news on release of the HoundsTooth DriftNPress bearing pack tool?

      • sehrsehr

        i assume they are used without plastic inserts like shimano does to prevent their crankset spindles getting noisy as the contact surface of crankset’s axle and the bearings runs dry over time. from my experience, lots of GXP setups and every turn/praxis works + all the other makers of 30mm spindle cranksets that have a BSA option and therefore ditch the plastic inserts, because otherwise the bearings do have very tiny balls, develop a creaky noise.

    • Damien Milazzo

      A T47’s threads ID is the same as a PF30’s ID, so the BEER should work. Keep in mind that you will be relying on only the surface area of the tops the ridges of the T47’s threads to hold the BB though.That might not be enough to keep it in place, and you might experience slipping.

      And yes, the bearings are thinner, but more than adequate for lots of miles, even with a fat guy as the rider and in the dusty southwest which is known to kill bearings quickly.

      • macatarere

        Thanks Damien, I understand it is compression from the bolts that prevents slipping rather than friction from an interference fit, although my loose fit Problem Solvers didn’t work so well on the Auger and the firm fit BioCentric 30 is good. A loose fit in a T47 might see the threads take a hit. Nice to hear it’s holding up in the dusty southwest.

  • Robert Franklin

    I’ve used EBBs with 24mm spindles to give me an option to SS a bike in the middle of nowhere after breaking a deraillieur. I’d like to do something like this & run 30mm instead. It sounds like the difficulty/need for lockring might make this too much of a pain to adjust trailside. Thoughts?

    • I’m not sure… It’ll need adjustment in a week or so – will report back

      • Damien Milazzo

        I’ve run two of them. One is currently on my Moots MootoX RSL SS. I ride to the office with one gear ratio. Loosen the crank and the bolts at the office, rotate the BB, and ride home via my trails in another ratio. I can turn mine with a firm hand. The amount of throw allows me to run a 16t & and 18t in the rear, so a gear for commuting, and one for MTN.

        My other bike was a bit tighter, but I would just use an allen wrench to get a little extra help with turning it. You shouldn’t need to use a spanner wrench unless your BB tolerances are really tight.

        Bike pictured is the one with the BB. Sorry it’s not a better photo of BB

        • Robert Franklin

          Thanks guys… that’s helpful.

  • Ben

    Now they (WI) just need to make an eccentric for 24mm spindles in a standard English bb!
    Yes they exist but the cost of a phil plus tools is insane and trickstuff’s is nearly impossible to get

    • sehrsehr

      the trickstuff exzentriker + installation tool seems to be available on their website. don‘t they ship to the US (or wherever you may live)? it‘s ~200€ incl. german taxes for both bb & tool.

  • Scott

    Was already planning on doing this with my existing cx frame when I eventually get a new one, but super excited to hear that the eccentric bb is compatible with the WI crankset!

  • terriblemcnaughton

    Hey John do you have any 45 deg elevations of this bad boy? I would love to see the tire clearance at the fork and chain stay.

    • email me and I’ll send ya cell phone shots. johnprolly @ gmail dot com